UK Games Expo Roundup – Day 3

The weather and the walking are starting to take their toll on me at UKGE. My feet ache, my body feels like it’s on fire, maybe I have the dreaded con flu?! Regardless, it could not stop me showing up to the show yesterday for the final day of UK Games Expo. Whilst I unfortunately made my exit quite early in the day, I’ll take this point to chat about a few things including my personal feelings regarding the show. If you want to see what happened previously at UKGE 2018, you can find my experience of day 1 and day 2 in the links provided.

As I was wandering the halls I saw countless vendors, businesses and stores looking to push their wares. When it comes to terrain I was keeping an eye out for something to help me get a great Zone Mortalis-esque setup at home for Necromunda. There were a great deal of stalls looking to push their wares, especially with tabletop scenery. In the end, I went with Tyr Terrain.

Tyr Terrain

Run by a great couple of chaps, they were very enthusiastic and proud of what they’d brought to the show. Laser-cut MDF was in abundance at the show, but it was the demeanour of these guys that really helped the sell. It also helps that they sorted demo board for a store I sometimes pop into. Thanks to this, I knew the quality first-hand and committed to grabbing a set.

This will be my first wade into the waters of MDF scenery but I’ve been assured it’s a great starting point. The sections look incredibly simple to construct and I’m told paint can just go right on top. No need to varnish/seal/treat the wood in any way. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how I get on. If Tyr Terrain play their cards right, I may well be back for more…

Personal Highlights From UKGE 2018

As I said at the start of this article, the days have taken their toll. All the walking in crowded halls, the heat from the weather, the battering my wallet has taken. But, I confess, there’s little to nothing I’d change of the expo experience. Sure, things like the heat can’t be helped much, but there’s plenty that the show got everything so right. It’s hard to spotlight anything that went particularly poorly from my experience.

The only minor issue I can call attention to is that sometimes the stall layouts were a little confusion. In trying to find stall H7 for a scheduled appointment, I wandered between stalls H6, H5 and H8 unable to find it. Turns it out it was at the opposite end of the hall after triple-checking the programme map. Likely an oversigh on my part, but a little frustrating when you’re in a mad rush to get somewhere.

Bar that, the show was excellent. There’s a few things I’d love to point out, too. Compared to some other shows I’ve been to, UKGE was an excellent representation of diversity within the scene. There was a far more balanced ratio of men to women and adults to children than I’d seen at other shows. This, to me at least, effectively showed that the audience (and industry) of board games, tabletop, etc, is both varied and welcoming. There was something charming about seeing a huge tournament of Star Wars Armada one moment, brimming with serious, in-it-to-win-it guys and then two minutes later seeing an area populated by young children throwing oversized dice about the place. It made the entire show feel very inclusive and overall like a place where enjoyment and fun reigned supreme.

Also, the games were really good too.

That’ll be it for us and UK Games Expo 2018. Thanks for reading and please stop by our Facebook to ensure you’re kept up to date on all things tabletop!


  1. Thanks for the great round-up of the Games Expo. On the subject of MDF, you’re right – you don’t need to seal it. But you will get better results if you sand off the burn marks from the laser cutter (where possible) because those burns will be difficult to paint. My wife passes along her emery boards once they’re not longer good enough for her nails and they work beautifully for this. Don’t worry about the small things – like holes and grates – but the long edges and tabs should be addressed.
    Happy modelling!

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