UK Games Expo Roundup – Day 2

We’re on day 2 of UKGE and it’s predictably even busier than it was yesterday. Curse you, Saturdays! Yesterday we took a look at Lightseekers and ED:BC whilst also taking in some exciting Games Workshop news. Today we’ve tried a few more games, thrown a lot more dice and walked a shed-tonne more! My poor, poor feet. Here are some of our highlights.

Blood Red Skies

Right in the entrance of Hall 1 we spotted the Warlord stand. After popping over we were quickly shepherded into a demo game of Blood Red Skies, the skirmish game based on World War II aerial dog fights. It was more of a quick flash example of how the game is played and we were shown how the rules worked.

It’s a game that looks simple, especially to someone familiar with X-Wing but it’s one of the games that surprised me most in the show! There’s a level of depth that becomes apparently once you scratch the surface and proves the game to have a very impressive level of strategy. Aircraft can be in one of three states – advantage, neutral or disadvantage. These states are crucial to the gameplay. Advantaged fighters can perform a number of actions against any enemy aircraft that are neutral or disadvantaged. Neutral fighters can do the same but only to disadvantages fighters. Disadvantaged fighters cannot do anything to other fighters.

There’s your typical actions such as move, dive, shoot and manoeuvres. However, once again, it all comes down to the state of your fighter. Getting shot can have your fighter go down to neutral or disadvantaged. “Tailing” an enemy fighter can have the enemy become disadvantaged due to the stress. It’s a system that sounds simple but then feels very intuitive in-game. We’ll be sure to provide you guys with more from Blood Red Skies very soon!

Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory

One that I have personally been very excited for is Wrath & Glory, the upcoming RPG from Ulisses Spiele. I wasn’t even aware it was at UKGE so you can imagine my glee when I saw a standing banner plastered with key art from the game. After speaking with Kai at length regarding the game system I didn’t learn anything particularly new, which has me feeling a little gutted! They’re remarkably tight-lipped considering we draw close to release.

He explained how the dice-rolling system works, that it’s all via D6 and success come from rolling fours, fives or sixes with sixes counting as two successes. He explained that rolling a D6 in each check especially as the Wrath dice can work in favour of the players or against them. Again, things we’d sort of seen already or things we’ve covered previously on the site.

Don’t worry, folks. I’m working on getting as much information on the game as I can in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep checking back! Despite my failure to acquire fresh information, I’m still exceptionally keen to grab Wrath & Glory.

Warcradle Studios

Warcradle Studios are, of course, in attendance at UKGE with their usual wonderful displays. They’ve got demo tables on the go showcasing Wild West Exodus, Blood and Plunder and more. They’ve even got some upcoming models on show, as you can see below!

The “Weird West” and such are things I’ve never been drawn to, but I can’t fault the models. They have a tremendous level of detail and there are almost enough spiky, mutated, daemonic fiends in here to draw me in. Almost…

That’s it for another day at UK Games Expo. I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow won’t be quite as crowded, but who am I kidding? Check back tomorrow for our final thoughts on UK Games Expo 2018! Ensure you stick around our Facebook page as not to miss out.

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