UK Games Expo Roundup – Day 1

Good day, tabletop fans and wargamers! We’ve been fortunate enough to wander the halls of UK Games Expo (or UKGE for short). I’ve been snooping, sneaking and slipping into some games and demos to let you know my findings. Be sure to keep checking back over the weekend as not to miss out on news and findings from other days!

Games Workshop News

We got front row seats for the seminar for upcoming Games Workshop releases at UKGE! Here’s what we found out –

  • Space Wolves and Ork Codexes are up next.
  • Genestealer Cults Codex yet to be announced but new models are inbound
  • Expect to see previous of Age of Sigmar’s new Night Haunt on Warhammer Community in the coming days.
  • We saw the new models for Necromunda’s House Cawdor, they look vicious!
  • Middle-Earth is getting a kick-up-the-butt with the release of a new Pelennor Fields release boosting the game into larger scale warfare once more
  • Card packs are incoming for Shadespire. The first batch being focused on giving leaders cool things to do
  • Kill Team news is a few weeks away.
Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King. Doesn’t he look menacing?!

Elite Dangerous Battle Cards

I popped in to check out Spidermind Games’ new product being demo’d at the show floor. Hot off the back of their successful Elite Dangerous: RPG comes Elite Dangerous: Battle Cards. In this game players control fleets of ships via cards and must deploy them on a segment mat. The is divided into three lanes, the first player to have ships in two lanes with no enemy ships is the winner.

There’s a handful of gameplay elements to take into account. Each lane can have a mission card which could buff or debuff certain ships in that lane. For instance, in one lane in the game I played was an Exploration Race. Any Explorer class ship in that lane spending actions to scan increase the chances to buff friendly ships in the other lanes. One of the other lanes had an Asteroid Field card which meant large warships couldn’t go there but smaller ships had a chance to dodge attacks using a resource in the game called Karma. This can help increase the chances of your ships destroying enemy ships on top of helping you to dodge attacks.

I love me some space ships! Whilst typically I enjoy shifting models across a board and making “pew pew” noises, these cards seem to be a different kind of fun. But in a good way!

The cards were adorned with rather beautiful artwork set in Elite Dangerous. Familiar ships in a variety of paint jobs with each card having different stats or actions based on the class of ship. In my brief playthrough I got a glimpse of the dynamism the game could offer and appeal to a variety of players. For instance, you could build a deck of cards focused on Mining ships. On the right mission these could vastly bolster your forces, but could fall behind in other missions. I’ll be keeping a close on Spidermind for sure, with the product now being up for pre-order.


After giving Warhammer Champions a go, much to the request of PlayFusion, I found myself sat down before a playmat with “Lightseekers” in big letters at UKGE. I’d admittedly not actively sought the game too much personally as for some reason I feared some barrier of entry. I thought there’d be a difficulty curve I’d never quite be able to grasp. I’m glad to have been corrected.

I’ve know that it’s a big phenomenon within the scene right now, the game has massive presence at UKGE alone. After sitting down and giving it a go I feel I can certainly get why it’s so popular. Quick, snappy games that can be over in minutes with each game playing out differently. Holding your cards hoping for the next draw to be the super-powerful combo you seek. Each of the cards being drenched in fantastical artwork and wonderful colours. I absolutely see the appeal to the game, and if you prefer to play video games, there are great resources for this as well, like sites as Warzone hack where you can find the best gamehacks for all your favorites games.

I’ve walked away with a couple of decks and will likely try to sink more time into the game. Someone from TTGUK has been trying to egg me into it for some time. Just wait until he finds out I’ve got some cards…I’ll never heard the end of it.

Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails

I got a number of emails before the show to book appointments for demo sessions. One of these stood out particularly and it’s Hero Master from Jamie Noble-Frier. What stood out? The incredibly hilarious cards! The text on the cards had me cackling like a witch in my seat, so I emailed him for an appointment shortly thereafter.

Reading these cards is incredibly fun in itself, let alone playing the game of hoeric party-come-enemies.

I showed up and gave the game a spin to find to my surprise that it was not quite the walk-in-the-park that the cartoony artwork might have had me assume. The game has a rather impressive level of depth to it. Two to four players assume a character race and character class which gives them special abilities. For instance, I was a Dwarf Wizard who could turn attack cards to have fire damage. Great against monsters weak to fire! Not exactly ideal for other situations, though.

Players take turns within a location to build attacks against a monster. The objective is for a player to defeat a monster and gain treasure along with gold. Whoever ends the final location with the most gold is the winner. However, rather than just attacking and defeating monsters you can also “Bungle” the other players. This can have their attacks do less damage, have their armour value decreased or even increase the chance of them getting a critical fail during the attack roll against the monster! You attack of bungle using cards drawn from your deck, but these cards are limited to each location so once you commit all your cards then you can find yourself wide-open! Players will likely try to bungle other players attacks or fiendishly appoint themselves as the party leader, meaning they get first swipe at the monster and the highest chance for loot!

There were other bits and bobs I enjoyed in the day, but there’s more to come over the next day or two at UKGE! Don’t forget to check back to the website and our Facebook page.

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