GameMat.EU Chem Zone Mat Review

Playing quite a bit of Necromunda and Warhammer 40K as of late, I’ve been itching for a new mat on which I may lay waste to my enemies. I wanted I’ve got my Realm of Battle board for large-scale outdoor warfare, but I wanted something that could prove slightly more claustrophobic, then it could work with Necromunda, too! Through some spooky advertising voodoo I recently saw an advert for the Chem Zone Mat from GameMat.EU and decided to take the plunge. But is it suitable for your wargaming needs? Let’s have a gander.

Chem Zone (Mat)erial

The mat arrived promptly and in a handy carrying case for ease of transport. This alleviated a lot of my concerns as some of the other mats I have in my possession lack this and are a pain to carry around. It’s described as “mouse mat” material and whilst this is true in terms of its texture and strength, it’s not quite as thick as a traditional mouse mat. This makes it lighter than I was expecting yet doesn’t seem to compromise on the quality of the mat further making it easy to carry around. With the material your models are also less likely to slip all over the place and it doesn’t reflect light. Taking pictures of your battlefield with this in mind should prove no issues. For a closer look, click on any of the images below.

When the mat is rolled out it is a pleasure to behold. It’s got a strong level of detail on the print and the green “toxic” areas really pop quite nicely. Once again, I cannot moan about this aspect of the mat, it simply looks fantastic which is likely the core reason you’d pick it. With a generous slathering of terrain in place, it certainly looks the business! I used it in a game of Necromunda Underhive which can lean heavily on the use of Sector Mechanicus terrain. When this is all set up and has some models placed it looks stellar. The neutral tones of the mat help to keep your terrain the focus whilst working to provide a suitable and believable visual foundation.

Laying the Groundwork

I went for the 6ftx4ft sized mat. That’s a fairly standard size for your Warhammer 40K games so it’d suit that perfectly. The industrial setting of the mat might be more visually cohesive to games of Necromunda in which case you’d only need a 4×4, but that’s down to how you seek to use it. Once again, for its size the weight is somewhat forgiving and carrying it in the carry-bag is far more convenient than lugging a mat around loosely or in a box.

The mat is a little pricey at £59 for the 6×4, but the quality cannot be faulted. Games Workshop offer a city battle mat for £50 at 4×4 so for the extra £9 you’re getting a sizeable chunk of extra mat! Unless the Chem Zone mat starts to fall apart over the coming months (which I doubt will happen) then I’d say this is an absolutely solid purchase. Should you be looking for an option to quickly set up a battlefield or maybe you’re jumping into a sci-fi setting for the first time, the Chem Zone mat is a fine choice to go in with. If you can afford to get it and want to create a great, grungy scene, then dive on in!

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