Giveaway – Space Wolves Model Competition

Who here doesn’t like a giveaway? Nobody, that’s who! We’re giving away a model completely free. Entering for a chance to win is easy and for minimal effort you could walk away with another addition to your armies.

This time we’re giving away Geigor Fell-Hand*, a Space Wolves character for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. He’s available in the Burning of Prospero box but we’re giving you the chance to get one simply for entering our giveaway.

The Giveaway Prize
*Model comes on-sprue and unpainted. But it could look as awesome as this!

Want to enter? Just follow this link and follow the instructions.

This model is a must-have for any collector or gamer following the Space Wolves legion. Whether you want him to lead your forces against traitors or have him be a centrepiece of your collection, he could be yours in no time!

That’s it. Easy-peasy! Good luck to our readers with the giveaway and have an excellent week.

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