Gangs of Rome: Blood on the Aventine Starter Set

Brand new from Footsore miniatures, creators of Gangs of Rome, comes the Blood on the Aventine Starter Set. This set contains everything you really need to get two players started in the game. Alternatively, there’s enough for one person to have a very reasonable sized gang from the outset.

Blood on the Aventine

The size and weight of the box is very misleading when you consider what is actually inside. The cost matches the weight so with it being quite light it is a particularly good bargain. However, if you’re thinking of buying two sets of this box to make a single large gang rather than two small ones you may feel let down. I’ll explain why shortly.

A small box bursting with content

Ganging up

Cracking open the box there are a lot of plastic ziplock bags within. I think this is a nice touch as it means everything is all there ready to grab in one go. The 12 Denarii coins/cards included allow for some interesting options when creating your gangs. You also get 4 brand new Denarii exclusive to this set. Whilst talking about Denarii an honourable mention must be given to my new favourite attack ‘Hurled Tiles’. If your fighter causes a wound you must make an additional roll for each wound to see if you have stunned your opponent.

Of course, no starter set would be complete without rules and accessories. Blood on the Aventine has you covered here as well. It includes the Gangs of Rome rule book, two gladius measuring sticks, a pool of dice and activation pebbles!

You get 6 gang fighters which are specially made for this Aventine Starter Set all as one-piece models. They’re not pre-assembled but are bespoke made for this set. This is why buying two sets wont really work for use in one gang. You would also have duplicate fighter cards which hampers the game’s diversity. Whilst not being a big deal for newcomers to the game, some options for customization would be a big sell for existing players. It’s likely not a huge thing to put someone off, of course, as it’s still good value and is primarily marketed to newcomers anyway.

Building up to better things

One thing about Rome is the very iconic buildings and Sarrissa have this covered very nicely. Inside each Aventine Starter Set is also an under construction temple! The under construction temple is just scratching the surface of the kits available.This comes complete with a Temple Guard as well which is a new class of character that works similar to a mob.

So, what are you waiting for? This is a fantastic starter set to get in on the ground floor of a game that is expanding rapidly. If you’ve been on the sidelines wondering if Gangs of Rome might be for you then this would be the ideal place to start from.

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