Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition, Plastic Sisters and Adeptus Titanicus – Live from Warhammer Fest 2018

We’re coming to you live from Warhammer Fest 2018! It’s not long started but it’s already proving an incredibly exciting endeavour. New games, new models and new editions, it’s been a frantic morning. Buckle up, I’ll try to inform you of what I can before I head back into the fray!

New Edition Age of Sigmar

The biggest news thus far came early this morning with the announcement of the new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar! Games Workshop have already prepped a mini-primer here for you guys to peruse.

There are shiny new trailers showing off new models, too. I’d wager a new starter box is coming with Stormcast taking on new forces of Nighthaunt is going to land in June along with the new edition.

Again, it’s so great seeing Games Workshop embrace humour with their IP!

Adeptus Titanicus

Drips and drabs started popping up this morning, whispers of something big, yet small. Standing proudly in one of the cabinets was Adeptus Titanicus, another specialised boxed game from GW. Fans of Epic will likely be overjoyed to finally see this in existence rather than just words and rumours.

Plastic Sisters of Battle

With this Warhammer Fest 2018 is in full swing! Their creation was prophesied and it seems as though the prophecy is coming true one tease at a time but plastic Sisters of Battle are coming! This image was shown on the Warhammer Community website a little earlier.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions

I was given a quick demo game of Champions, a new card game coming from PlayFusion, the guys and gals behind Lightseekers.

The game has two players fight each other, in the name of their chosen faction (Order, Chaos, Death, destruction). You select four champions and use various cards to represent their abilities, spells or units to fight for them. You can activate Champions numerous times and complete their quests to unlock Blessings, powerful abilities in the game that can turn the tide. It was entirely new to me and though it proved tough to grasp at first I started to get the swing of it. Sadly, just as I started to get to grips with it the game was already over.

It’s slated to come out later this summer but we’ll provide as much coverage on this as we can over the coming months. Stick with us for the latest!

But there’s more where that came from…

I’m still wandering the halls and trying to grab any bits of information I can. I’m sure there’s plenty of secrets here yet to be unearthed. Check back later today and tomorrow for more updates from Warhammer Fest 2018!

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