Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Top Card Picks From Farstiders and Fiends

Shadespire just keeps on giving…giving cards, I mean. The latest release of the Farstriders and Magores Fiends sees a flurry of new ploys, objectives and upgrades come storming onto the scene. We’re going to let you know which ones are our favourites of the universal cards so they can be used across all your warbands. Be they fun to use, sneaky or simply powerful cards. Are there any absolute must-haves? Let’s find out! Don’t forget to check out my top picks from older releases in case you missed them.

Ploy Cards

The first card I’m going to mention is Frozen in Time. This ploy card is one of the few that requires a roll to pull off. I typically try to avoid those cards but this one is utterly devastating for your opponent should you get it. If successful then you pick an enemy fighter. For the entire phase they cannot perform any actions or be damaged. See Gurzag? He’s not doing anything. Riptooth? Have a snooze, little doggo. If you get this off then you are potentially taking a sizeable chunk of effectiveness out of your opponents arsenal for a bit. Giving you a little more breathing space.

Next up is Inspiration Strikes. This card is simple but sweet. Pick a friendly fighter, they become inspired. This for me is a card I’d likely take 9 out of 10 times. Especially for Sepulchral Guard as this negates the one glory your opponent gets as well as the spent activation/ploy card to resurrect a fighter in order to meet this in the first place. Slam this on your Sepulchral Champion or your Sanson Farstrider, for instance, for near immediate benefits!

A card that is seeing quite a lot of play is Hidden Paths which allows you to take a fighter on an edge hex and move them to any other edge hex providing they haven’t moved. For Farstriders it’s a great way to get a safer inspiration. For squishier warbands you could risk moving your leader to the farthest part of the board possible. This could potentially be great for countering Denial/Contained objectives.

Quick Thinker is quite likely my favourite ploy from these new cards. Should you have it to hand and a fighter of yours is charged you simply use the card as a reaction before the attack. You then move any fighter that hasn’t already moved or charged. This card is great to keep at hand should someone close in on an important fighter like your warband leader. Providing they are charged but they haven’t yet moved, you simply move them out of the way. Having done this several times the look on your opponents face is usually the epitome of frustration.

I used Quick Thinker to avoid the attack of an incoming Riptooth. The face pulled by Magore in this image isn’t too far from the expression my opponent pulled…


The final ploy to look at is Spectral Wings. This allows the first fighter to move an additional 2 hexes in the next activation. Not only would this be ideal for gaining ground in enemy territory or go for a gutsy charge but is great for some easy glory. Combine this with the Cover Ground objective card and it’s easy glory. Great for an early-game card.

Upgrade Cards

For upgrades, the first pick is A Destiny to Meet. If you put this on a fighter and they survive to the end of the game then that’s an additional glory. Whilst one glory isn’t a great deal it might be enough to convince your opponent to commit to some more risks than they typically would in an attempt to take the fighter out. This could open them up to some mistakes you could capitalise on.

We move on to Shadeglass Dagger which provides an attack of 1 range needing 3 swords inflicting 3 damage. After one successful attack you must discard the card. What’s particularly enticing is that on a critical hit the damage becomes +1. On 3 dice the potential for a critical is certainly there and with the prospect of inflicting 4 damage, it’s risky but could prove lethal!

Concealed Weapon is certainly one of the more dangerous upgrades. When on a fighter, any attack actions with a range of 1 have +2 damage on a critical hit. For me I’d put this on a fighter who rolls more dice than most such as Farstriders Star Falcon. Combine it with Awakened Weapon for re-rolling an attack dice and hopefully the rolls will be in your favour.

Objective Cards

For objectives cards there’s a couple I’d regard as fairly handy to keep on your. Firstly, Our Only Way Out scores you 3 glory if you hold three objectives in an end phase. Combine this with Supremacy and you’ve got a handful of glory for the price of one…kind of. If you play objectives I’d advise taking Supremacy and this. You’ll either score them separately throughout the game or potentially both at once!

Masterstroke is fairly good card to have at hand too. This gives you a glory for killing an opponent via the use of a reaction (via ploys or character card attacks). You’re likely wanting to get as many free attacks via reactions as you can so the odds of killing an enemy this way should be substantial to begin with.

We’ve come a long way from the original two warbands. I can’t help but wonder, what’s next on the cards for Warhammer Underworlds?


Whilst the universal objective cards across these packs aren’t anything I’d personally write home about, there’s some fantastic ploys and great upgrades. With the game being the way it is you’ll likely want to own all the cards to build your deck in your favour. What helps is not only are some of these cards simply good for what they do, they open up new avenues of strategy and ways of doing things.

With Warhammer Fest but a few days away we’ll be sure to report further on anything Warhammer Underworlds that pops up. Of course, anything else Warhammer, too! Stick with us on Facebook to keep as up to date as possible.

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