Diceni: The small show that packs a punch

This Sunday saw myself pop in to Diceni. To most it would be just a small show, to me though it’s in my home town and the guy that runs it is from my local club. I know he puts a lot of effort into pulling these events together and his whole family helps out. That’s his actual family, not the motley crew from Aftermath! With it being really close to home and a family friendly show, I took along my daughter Morgan. It would be her third show and she even gave a quick review on the way home!

After a year’s sabbatical Diceni returned with some local names along with some up and coming names. For me it was almost a celebration of a sort of “local spirit” that seemed to shine this year.
Orctions took place, as both a game as well as guy wielding a very large gravel to sell games in an orcish fashion. It was amusing to watch and there were a flurry of bargains to be had. The Orctions game looks quite fun as well but we will look at that in more detail in the future. Anyway, let’s move on to some games we were able to cover.

Gangs of Rome

Gangs of Rome, the game that Morgan chose as the Best Demo of the day, seemed to be very well received. It took a long time before we could get a demo game as it was pretty much packed all day. Amusingly, in the game, I was absolutely cheated! Paul and Morgan really went to town on me removing my chips from the bag rolling extra dice and re-rolling dice, too. Not that I mind as it gave a solid look at the game and the mechanics of how it plays, it truly is a lot of fun. We are now waiting with baited breath for the next set of releases. As soon as I can say what they are we’ll surely inform you all.

Dog Eared Games were on-hand during the show demoing Lure, Colour Chess and Robot Stacks. It’s worth briefly saying that all the games, possibly with the exception of Colour Chess, are easily accessible for all ages. Admittedly with nearly 50 modes of play for Robo Stacks there should be something for all levels and ages of play. The standard game was fun and contained just enough depth to keep me intrigued. It also allowed Morgan to really plan some truly dastardly deeds befitting of a “Bond-villain”! Again, we’ll have more information on these games at a later date.

Dog Eared Games


Purgatory is an IP from a local company and is a kickstarter success. I have seen them at a few shows before but never really had a chance to sit down and chat with them. If you ever get a chance it’s well worth it as the game looks great and the miniatures look awesome. Garry of the team has a Golden Demon Award and it shows, the painting standards are astonishing. Morgan also decided to pick up Siren as her Miniature of the Show. The game that is awash with very highly detailed miniatures so I would probably gone a different direction there. However, Siren was a particularly wonderful model and so it was Morgans Choice so congratulations to Siren.


Mythos was also in attendance and was the first Demo we partook in of the day. It also gained the status of Best Demo of The Day. The guys on the stand where super helpful, and fortunately made great babysitters to boot. They took Morgan and me through an entire game. A few things to note here as the game is great and the models are awesome, but the demo did run on for a long time. Click Clack is a monster of epic close combat proportions and every time he swung those over-sized claws you could see the damage that was going to happen. Despite the length of the demo Morgan really enjoyed it and now has her very own set to paint up. Though, more likely I’ll have to build it she will start painting it and then I will have to finish it!


With Cymberlime Antioch Workshops and a few other sellers on site as well most tastes were catered for. I’ll also add that the Antioch scenery looks particularly awesome.
Moving away from the named stands, quite a few local clubs had a stand and there were plenty of demos on hand, Aftermath had an epic game of Star Wars Armada which looked like a great time. Also on display were a myriad of smaller games as well which broke from the tradition of big demo games. It was remarked that this year there was a large increase in the number of children at the event. Needless to say this is great as it’s sowing the seeds for future generations to get involved in tabletop games. It’s also showing parents the social aspects of gaming which is indeed one of the highlights of the hobby. Last year a few people I know remarked that the Cosplayers weren’t necessarily a good thing for the show, this year with much fewer people dressed up. Personally, I felt the lack of cosplay was a bit of a disappointment that can hopefully be remedied next time.

At this point I’d like to personally extend congratulations to Lee and Family for putting on another great day out. Fingers crossed I’ll see some of you there next year.

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