Necromunda Underhive: Gang Spotlight Submissions Now Open

Here at TabletopGamesUK we love games, we love writing about games, but our favourite part about this is you guys; our readers! Of course, what makes you guys so special is your excellent tales of feats-gone-awry, one-in-a-million rolls and crazy schemes coming to fruition. Necromunda Underhive provides all of this in spades and we’re eager to learn more about the sort of things your gangs get up to. More than that, we want to share your stories so your gangs attain even more fame and glory! We’re looking to do some gang spotlight articles where we feature gangs from you, our readers. But we’ll need a little help from you guys…

If you want us to feature your gang in a gang spotlight, all we ask for is a little bit of information.

Submissions must include:

  • Information on your gang including
    • Gang name
    • Names of your gang members
  • Some fluff for your gang, maybe their backstory or how they operate
  • A picture or pictures of your gang, preferably one with the whole crew in it and fully painted
  • The most memorable moment your gang partook in. Maybe an amazing roll to kill three Goliaths with one grenade or four of your gangers tumbling to their death consecutively, etc
In a game recently this Genestealer Cultist went toe-to-toe with a Van Saar leader. The melee was brutal, only for my Chaos Cultist to lob a grenade and finish them both off. This was in a game where four gangers from varying gangs had fallen to their deaths already! Truly, it was raining men…

That’s pretty much all we need. You can see an example of a rudimentary gang spotlight written up here. However, don’t forget to include details of something unforgettable that your gang has pulled off…or failed at. Submit your entries to and we’ll pick our favourites as we go on and share the articles when ready. The crazier the stories, the better!

We look forward to reading your stories of glorious victory or face-palming defeat. See you in the hive, guys!

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