Secrets of the Third Reich

I have always been a fan of the “Weird War 2” genre of wargame. The historical elements of the armies mixed with a splattering of werewolves, vampires, zombies and giant mechs fills me with enthusiasm to get models on the table. My choice of rules is Secrets of the Third Reich by West Wind Productions and Grindhouse. The rules were published in 2008 and are easy to learn but have enough depth to give any general a tactical challenge

The Secrets of the Third Reich

The story starts where most weird war stories do. The war did not finish in 1945 with all the main powers still in play. The Germans are getting involved with arcane technology giving them werewolf shock troops and vampires to throw at their enemies. They have also successfully used Z-gas on both fronts. This weapon that not only kills instantly but also reanimates the dead. However, the allies have not been entirely dormant. Hiroshima and Berlin have both been destroyed with nuclear bombs with their mech programs and super soldier programs gaining pace rapidly. London was also destroyed by a Nuclear bomb with all of parliament taken with it. The streets are stalked by zombies and the undercover agents of the Templar.

The rules

The rulebook contains all the core rules plus the order of battle for the main protagonists. Germany, USA, Britain and Russia are still the big players in the war. Each country has its own varied mix of basic troops, special characters, mechs and support units such as werewolves or Siberian sub-humans. The countries also have access to all the usual World War 2 vehicles. There are also mech design rules allowing you to design and build your own mechs.

The rules are easy to learn with no need to remember loads of different stats and characteristics for your army. All human infantry choices have standard statistics no matter the country they hail from. Then there is a special rules section that contains the rules for the more unusual soldiers in your army. The game is designed to be played at platoon level but plays just as well in a skirmish or mass battle scale.

There are already 4 expansions to the game consisting of Doomsday, Ruined Britannia, Operation Felix Heinrich and Dossier X-01. All of these add new units, scenarios, characters, vehicles and settings to the game. You can expect more on these in the foreseeable future.

The models

All the models for the Secrets of the Third Reich range are sculpted by the very talented Andy Cooper of West Wind. There are models to cover almost all of the units found in the books and they have just fulfilled a very successful Kickstarter for a load of new mechs. Check out all their great models here as the new mechs are headed to retail very soon.

I have a large amount of models from this range and it has been a while since I got any painted. My interest has reignited and I’ll soon jump back into the game. I have the perfect size USMC patrol to do so I’ll be posting regular articles on my progress.

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