Necromund Underhive: Gang War 3 raises the stakes!

This week sees the release of Gang War 3 for Necromunda. Each new supplement is released at the same time as a gang, so this time up just in case you hadn’t heard is the Van Saar.

For me the Van Saar are one of my favourite gangs from the Necromunda story line. They rock up with awesome kit but doomed by radiation and warp poisoning. Everything you need to field these highly specialised gangers is included in Gang War 3. This includes selecting your gang composition right down to their unique equipment. Now, if that was all there was in a Gang War book, you could imagine that they wouldn’t shift many copies. Well, have I got news for you…

There is a lot more in this Gang War book. Firstly, we have some named character profiles and background appearing, Mad Dog Mon is quite possibly my favourite. However, with an Escher gang on the sidelines at the moment a shady nod has to go in the direction of the infamous Bella Donna. These characters and maybe a few others expand on the character of the game universe and add a constant to which makes it identifiable.

Man’s best friends…for now

Moving more into the existing gangs, you can now buy and field familiars for your gang. These exotic ‘pets’ are tied to a ganger and will take to the field whenever they do. Let’s face it who doesn’t want to take a massive rampaging crocodile into battle?! The down-side is that they are linked to certain gangs. For instance, the Van Saar gang can only take the slightly nauseating and very disturbing Cyberarachnid. There is one exception to this and that is the Carytid. These are in the background fluff of the main rulebook and now you can play them in-game, though you should do cautiously.

The book also includes new features and a list of sought-after expanded items for all gangs. You might be forgiven for expecting Games Workshop to leave it there. You’d be forgiven but you’d be wrong! Gang War 3 is the supplement that just keeps giving. There is now more hangers-on that your gang can select from such as Brutes. These take the form of Ambuls or Ogryns. These new options are treated exactly the same as hangers-on for things like how many you can have in your gang at one time. Just be careful with the Ambuls as they can be, if captured, reprogrammed to serve another gang.

Put your money where you lasgun is

If you like to flaunt your burgeoning status as a gang leader that shines above all others we now have rules and costs for extravagant goods. That gold-plated bolter you have always had actually means something in-game. In this example, apart from looking cool in-game, it adds one to the characters leadership and grants a re-roll to one ammo check per game. It could be worth its weight in gold just for the re-roll alone!

Looking to gain an edge over your opponent? Struggling to keep in the race of the campaign? House favours cover this nicely with results ranging from blind indifference through to having a fee levied against your gang. it could even lead to a free Champion with 150 credits of wargear and 2d6 experience to add to the roster. These house favours can be a really massive boon, or a crippling bust depending on how hot your dice rolls are.

I think it’s worth mentioning here that although these Gang War books are great, we now have rules spread over three gang war books, the main rule book and three copies of White Dwarf. Now, this could start to cause a few issues. Depending on your gang and whether you’re playing on 3D or 2D terrain you could end up carrying a lot of books. I am hoping that a compendium will be released that covers everything from all of these sources. With six historic gangs left to come potentially we could have another six gang war books incoming. That’s without the raft of hopefully new content that Games Workshop are working on.

A more grand scheme for grand gangs

For campaign players Gang War 3 has you well and truly covered with twelve new scenarios. Two of which are specifically designed for multiple players. A new table of campaign events is introduced. Also introduced is the concept of an Arbitrator with is a bit like a Dungeon Master of a Necromunda campaign. Arbitrators oversee and coordinate everything. Whilst it may sound like a daunting task it can be as involved or stand-offish as the players wish. A plus side is that the Arbitrator can control things like non-player characters and sump horrors during other people’s games. You should be nice to your Arbitrator you never know.

On balance Gang War 3 brings more than enough to the game to be worth investing in, even for those of you not thinking of playing with a Van Saar crew. Yes the books are going to start to get cumbersome but hopefully GW will find an official way to address this with pdf downloads or a compendium of some form. In an ideal world this would hopefully include a future errata in it, too.

Grab your favourite gang, a few pets and assorted hangers-on. Then go carve yourselves a legacy in the hive!

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