Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire: Surviving Against Magore’s Fiends

I like to think it comes across as no secret that I adore Warhammer Underworlds to the ends of the Earth. I find the game to be both quick to learn yet difficult to master. It allows you to build strategies that you know are overall quite effective but never gives you a dull “guaranteed win” each game. That being said, I’ve recently had the “pleasure” of going up against Magore’s Fiends in a series of games. These guys are the poster children of brutality. They have moderate speed between them, strong protection and unhindered damage potential. My games, especially at first, were massacres leaving me with no models left standing. I’m here to tell you what to watch out for most to try and avoid this happening to your warband!

Magore's Fiends
Magore’s Fiends from left to right: Zharkus, Magore, Ghartok and Riptooth. You might be worried about the big, beefy guys in armour but it’s the dog you should be most wary of, I assure you!

If you’re still quite fresh to Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire you can find our handy tips on deck-building here. Should you regard yourself as an experienced player then head on below to see our tips on how to try to survive the onslaught! Should you be unfamiliar with some of the cards mentioned in the article don’t forget to stop by the card library.

Cleave it to me…

Three of the four models of Magore’s lads are armoured and can block against attacks with the shield icon on defence dice. This gives them a fairly good chance of defending against many attacks. Try to ensure you have plenty of Cleave in your power deck. This’ll help to chip away at them by reducing the odds of them being able to block those all-important attacks.

Keep your boss man safe!

If you’re playing Sepulchral Guard or Spiteclaw’s Swarm, you absolutely want to keep your leaders back. I mean as far back as possible. Don’t let them anywhere near any of them, especially Riptooth. One trick I would advise is having your enemies sway into your territory and then play the Hidden Paths ploy card. This will allow you to keep your leader in the fight and as far away from danger as possible. Maybe even plop them on an enemy objective to really let it rile them up. Just keep them out of arms reach from Magore’s Fiends at all cost.

Who’s a good boy? Not this pooch

I made the ridiculous mistake a few times of underestimating Riptooth. The flesh hound as he’s not as tough defensively as his comrades, rolling for dodges rather than shields. However, his speed is what makes him truly terrifying. 4 movement base which becomes 5 when inspired, this little guy can cover huge swathes of the board. If he gets Spectral Wings then nothing is safe from his claws and teeth. On top of that his defence roll gains an additional die when inspired!

My advice? If your cards and positioning line up and the stars are in your favour to deal a 4 damage attack, try to take Riptooth down as early as you can. More than once I’ve seem him dive in with Spectral Wings to move 7 hexes and thanks to Lethal Strike ploy to deal 6 damage with Cleave thanks to a lucky critical roll. Goodnight, Farstrider…

Gorefists leave sore bits

Zharkus and Ghartuk both have Swift Gorefist attacks. These allow them to attack you as a reaction should your character attempt to strike them within one tile and fail to hit. Do not be fooled by their meagre single damage output. With the right cards such as Trap or Shattering Terrain and the right positioning this can do in a handful of the currently available fighters. If you’re going to get stuck in with either of these guys either do so at range or with as many dice and cards in your favour as possible lest they retaliate. It’s rather fiendish, for a bunch of guys referred to as Magore’s Fiends.

Magore’s Fiends only have one thing on the brain

In my experience and from what I’ve seen, these bloodthirsty brutes are rather predictable in their tactics. They’ll simply charge in and attack anything within range. These guys feel like they can do everything that Ironskull’s Boyz can, but a little faster. Try to keep that in mind when playing them. There will be at least two charges each round and they’ll try to inflict as much damage as possible typically ignoring objectives for themselves. If you’re able to outmanoeuvre them you could try playing for objectives. Just keep an eye out for Great Concussion and try to get some defensive cards in your hand before you start landing on the objectives or it’ll all be for nought!

How have you found Magore’s Fiends up to now? Have you fielded or fought against them? Got any tips you’d like to share? As always, for any further Shadespire goodness, keep close by with TabletopGamesUK.

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  1. I played my first few games with them last week and I’m still learning with them. I’m so used to the Bloodreavers that I had a hard time with the Fiends. I like that they play differently despite both being Khorne, but going to take some adjusting on my end.

    Your advice seems solid from my experience. Riptooth can be deceivingly hard to take out, as you said. Two defense dice, even for dodge, is pretty amazing. I had Riptooth tank 3 Orruks last game for nearly the entire phase.

    • For sure, it’s nice they both do the same thing, kind of, but quite differently. I would say Bloodreavers require a little more finesse though.

      I actually just played a few games and found some minor tweaks to my deck certainly helped. Hidden Paths may well be essential now. That and limiting movement with cards like Invisible Walls.

      Taking out Riptooth was the big deal, though. As soon as I took that beast out it felt like the enemy warband lost a lot of momentum. Thanks for your thoughts!

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