Task force Rhino, A Dust Starter set with a punch

A few weeks ago saw me dip my toes into Dust 1947, this week sees me take the plunge. Picking up the Taskforce Rhino was a bit of a no-brainer for me. Rhino and his Hammers were such a cool unit for me when I played my demo, they just have to feature from onwards.

Charging Outta The Box

What is in the starter set, you ask? You can find out on our YouTube video.

Apologies for the crackling sound within the video. By the time I realised there was a problem with the audio I’d already got a fair way through painting so couldn’t re-film. Essentially, in the Taskforce Rhino Starter Set you get an entire force for a small game straight out of the box. The models are built and they are undercoated. Conveniently, this means you can either get them straight onto your game table or your painting station!

The models are reasonably-detailed but not over the top detailing that some kits at the same price point have on them. The models are fairly-priced considering that they are already built and undercoated. Everything is still crisp and very bold. The models are really easy to paint , which obviously helps! Pick out some details here, a few layers there with some wash and they’re ready to rock.

Stay Out of Rhino’s Way!

In the starter set you get Rhino, a flying infantry hero armed with Rocket Punches. While stat-wise he isn’t much to shout about he gets 2 dice attacks doing one damage against infantry and four damage against vehicles. It’s his special rules that make him very strong. For instance, First Strike means he hits first and Berserk adds dice for each Army symbol result. Combine this with the ability to fly over terrain and he becomes pretty nasty.

If you add him to the Heavy Ranger Assault squad they gain all the extra rules too. Thus making the squad a one-shot vehicle killing machine pumping out a base 8 dice against all land based targets and smaller aircraft. This is a very effective close combat squad and one I enjoyed using in my demo game. The Wildfire Walker is very much anti-infantry with its Quad-barrelled Heavy machine gun. It’s more than capable of mowing down a squad of infantry a turn. It will even pester flying units, but put up against vehicles it loses effectiveness very quickly.

Party In The Box

You also get all the assorted gubbins that you need to play. This includes dice, stat cards, some card scenery, a 3D tank trap and an objective locker. A really nice inclusion is the neoprene mat. Whilst it is very well-printed and by all means well-received, if I am going to be truly picky I think I would have preferred the older generation of paper mats with the grid lines on them instead of the little cross hairs. It just makes things a bit easier.

The rules in the Rhino starter set will get you going quickly and simply. However, for the extra fluff and the full rules I’d recommend upgrading to the Hardback rulebook as soon as possible. The rulebook will also give you all the rules for grid and gridless play. Currently in the local meta Grid based play seems to be the more popular.

Competitions at the moment are played at 100 points which is around the points value of two starter sets. Worthy of note, the EU and nationals this year are set at 125, giving you a bit more room to grow.

If you like the look of Dust you can pop over to stand TE18 at Salute 2018. There will be a variety of sets that you can choose from. Personally, I am looking at picking up a Mortar team to see how well they work with the Observer squad. I adore the prospect of dropping mortars all over the battlefield! Or, perhaps, a few more units so I can start looking at making a competitive-level force.

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