The Watchers have arrived in Wild West Exodus

Newly released from Warcradle Studio for Wild West Exodus is the Watchers starter set ‘Viridian Clade’. This is the first time that the Watchers have had a starter set. Hopefully, this will be seen as a welcoming boon by all followers of this weird and ancient collection of beings.

Inside the sleeve we have the trademark Warcradle Red Oak box. This still isn’t getting old for me, I think its a great touch throughout the range.

The Viridian Clade set is made up of 6 models. This includes one Resin Alpha, a locus Beta a Chigoe Beta and a multi-part kit that can either make 3 Locus or Chigoe models in any combination. All the models are reasonable easy to assemble, bar the shoulder ‘pads’. There are no notches or recesses for the arms so straight out of the box there is flexibility with the arms, but that’s about it as the legs all have a pre-moulded position.

Once they are together they do look suitably alien. No doubt when the temperature gets up enough to spray them they look like they will be quite easy to paint. A coloured undercoat, wash and then detailing should be a breeze.

Which ever way you choose to build the 3 troop sprues, you’ll end up with a reasonable sized starter force. One that can handle close combat and bring some ranged options, too.

I have gone for 2 Locus and one Chigoe in my build. This puts me at 765 points, a more than reasonable starting place. As you can see above the Alpha is festooned with details. I have a few more layers of dry brushing to go and then it’s onto his weapons. I need to find a good OSL painting tutorial for an idea I have.

Also in the box you get the unit stat cards, posse cards and armoury cards. These are incredibly handy and much better than the cards I printed from the WWX website on photo paper.

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