The Deadly Seven Appearing Soon

Another new Posse set has been announced for Wild West Exodus this time led by the former Sheriff-turned-Outlaw Earle Shepherd, the Deadly Seven have a reputation not only for their ability to get the job done but also for taking on the jobs no-one else will.

Each member of the posse is an expert in their field, from the explosive skills of Idina Vannez and Alan Knox, the swift brutality of Black Blood, Razors Li and Kodiak, or the mechanical ferocity of Faraday or Brutus – the Deadly Seven is a group to be reckoned with!

The Deadly Seven Posse contains

• 1x Earle Shepherd

• 1x Razors Li

• 1x Kodiak

• 1x Idina Vannez

• 1x Faraday

• 1x Black Blood

• 1x Alan Knox

• 1x Brutus

The wait is over!

Earle Shepherd’s mercenary Outlaw gang is now available for pre-order, with a release date of April 14th. This posse is an eclectic mix. If you’re after a posse who will work for the highest bidder (who are we to judge?) this highly anticipated team is most definitely for you!

Want some even better news? If you’re attending Salute this year, Warcradle will be taking retail copies of The Deadly Seven along with the, so you can purchase your posse direct from the Warcradle Studios stand on the day!

Alongside this release you can also pre-order the new Red Oak Town House to add to your ever-growing Red Oak terrain. This scenery is great for playing around and making your game look even better. Another set of items to add to the hit-list, we reckon.

It really is looking like Warcradle have a jam-packed release schedule. With the quality of the current sets coming out now they seem to be nailing it. It might well be a pretty good time to grab a cowboy hat, a six-shooter and raise the roof.

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