Nakano Gozen swaps the Orient for the West

Wild West Exodus has a new character appearing on Saturday at Salute 2018 Nagano Gozen.

Nakano Gozen has lived her entire life in service to the Blazing Sun – the Immortal Empress Shinzua. As a direct descendant of the Empress with a startling likeness, Gozen has been trained extensively in both the martial and diplomatic arts. While her adventurous nature made her unsuitable for a role at court, Gozen was trusted instead with a secret mission to the American Frontier.

As Emissary of the Blazing Sun, Nakano Gozen’s mission has brought her into contact with both the Lawmen and Outlaws in the Wild West. While she is treated with suspicion by the authorities, her skill with the blade and silver tongue make her a valued ally to the Outlaws. Her interest in the activities of Doctor Carpathian has not gone unnoticed by the Enlightened or Union agents either…

So already we have some massive Teasers about Nakano, she will obviously work with Outlaws, and its hinted that she will work with the Lawmen as well. What isn’t obvious is what her interests are with Dr Carpathian. Are the Blazing Sun wanting to steal his research, help him, or put a stop to his scheming. Hopefully this is the first in a new Blazing Sun Faction to cross over from Dystopian Wars into Wild West Exodus, I mean what game isn’t improved by Ninjas.

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