Lightseekers Awakening: An alternative to other TCGs

With a design team that knows no limits, Play Fusion brings us a new Trading Card Game to look at Lightseekers. However why stop at trading cards when Play fusion are taking it so much further.

So starting with the card game itself we have the usual affair of starters and booster packs to take your pick from, and with last months announcement Playmats, Deck Boxes and card sleeves being produced by Ultra, it seems that there is definitely a sense that Lightseekers is going to be around for a while.

Starter Box

Inside the starter box you get 45 Augmented Reality Trading Cards, these are made up from a 36 card starter deck and a booster as well. The starter deck is made up of a Hero card 5 combo cards and 30 action cards. You also get a paper playmat with space to put everything in an organised manner, but also the starter playmat has a quick turn guide on it as well which is handy for those like me who are new to the game, as well as the full rules. Two things I thought were interesting on first glance is the hero card card has a nice cardboard sleeve to keep it in as it doesn’t go in your deck like the rest of the cards and some cards have arrows around the corners which appear to do that damage each turn before final completing the text in the box on its final turn.

Game play wise its fairly quick to pick up. Sure at the moment. I am forgetting turning the cards to activate them more than I remember them. The rules seem straight forward, but like most card games the really insane ‘broken’ combinations take a while to come to the fore as people generally have to spend a lot off time trying to find them.

Currently Play Fusion are embarking on a mass of ‘tour’ dates tasking demoes up and down the country, so with any luck I will be at my local one of them, and taking the mini Ms TTGUK along as well. She plays Pokemon so judging by the mechanics and play style it shouldn’t be to much off a jump for her to play this.

Other than the trading card game there is also a mobile game that you can play, using their same world and charactors. Why would I mention this in a review of a TCG? The answer is that the cards can unlock items in the game! You can also get action figures that act as controllers as well for the game as well. The app also acts as a kind of card library as well.

The game plays quite quick and is enjoyable straight from the starter box. The real fun though will come form collecting the rest of the cards and deck building to find the really strong combinations. At the moment Play Fusion are travelling all over the country putting on demos in local stores. I’d say it would be worth popping along to one to have a go and see what it’s all about and start your journey from there. It also seems that there is a fairly active regional set of events going at the moment as well, so in the next 12 months or so expect to see much more in the way of competitions being held.

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