The future of the Dropzone Universe

Hawks was one of the first companies to get behind TTGUK with Dropzone Commander. Now whilst it’s sad that the ip had to change hands I got to ask a few questions with TTCombat about the future of Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander

Will we be getting v2 of Dropzone Commander anytime soon?

Not yet! We’re working on making it a much bigger release than was originally planned by Hawk. They were planning on simply releasing a new rulebook without anything else, but we think that’s a bit of a shame, since these things don’t come around often! We’re pushing V2 back for the foreseeable future and concentrating more on new minis.

Will you be rolling all three books into one?

Absolutely. Again, Hawk were planning on keeping the Reconquest books current going into the new edition, but we’d rather put everything together in one place. It also allows us to move the story on further than Reconquest – something that Dave has been planning for a long time.

Are you going to continue the experimental rules for new units as started by HWG? What’s the plan moving forward?

Unsure about that at this stage! It’s a pretty good way of doing it – releasing experimental rules until there’s enough to put together into a new book. It’s also nice to have the new book first with miniatures to go alongside it. We’ll probably have a bit of both!

Will we be seeing a fifth race?

It’s been asked about a lot. We’re focused on just making the game good and popular again. New races does help with that, but if so, it’d be a little way off yet. We’re not looking to flip the script straight away, we’d like to see what works and – crucially – what doesn’t before changing things.

Or expansions of the current?

Definitely! More minis!

What prompted TT to buy the Hawk IP?

It’s a pretty drawn out story, but essentially Hawk were having trouble with their production for a long time. They started off asking us to assist with that, and it expanded from there when it became clear the amount of trouble they were having. We’ve been big fans of Hawk for a while (a bunch of us backed the DFC Kickstarter!), so it seemed like a perfect fit.

What will happen with DFC will we be seeing a rules rehash?

Not yet! We’ll be looking into that in the future, but it’s not the biggest thing yet.

Are we getting expansions?

Yes! The Commander universe is an expanding storyline, and expansions are great for that.

Will both games be expanded at the same rate (e.g. next faction added simultaneously)?

Not necessarily. It’s a pretty massive undertaking to expand one game, and even bigger to expand two. But expanding two linked games at the same time? That’s even harder! However, combining the two games into one expansion with linked rules would be something that’s really cool!

Is Andy Chambers locked in a dungeon somewhere writing for you guys now?

We don’t keep him chained up like we do Dave, but we’ve put his favourite cake in a cage with the door wide open. Now we play the waiting game.

How do you plan on progressing the game and getting it more out there? Many people myself included spent a lot of time demoing but could never get a take off… to speak…. What plans are in place to help that?

It’s no secret that the games haven’t had the best support in the last year. Having Talons out there demoing is great, and we’d like to get that happening again in the future, but without support to local stores with more frequent releases, it’s hard to get people involved. That’s definitely the key thing we want to change. We want new minis coming out often. There should be very few trips to your local gaming store where you don’t have new minis to buy. That’s the first step!

Will we be seeing a more organised play document style of approach with regionals and nationals coming soon?

Not soon, but it’s something we’re planning.

We have seen some great pictures off the new scenery you guys are doing. Will you continue to allow others to produce scenery? The plastic company out of Spain can’t think off the name at the moment.

Well we can’t stop anyone producing scenery for the games, and I think it would be silly to do so! The more companies that produce things like scenery for the games, the more of a presence and visibility it has, so the more confidence new players will have. That said, we probably won’t be putting our name on other MDF products, but certainly won’t stop people using them, or even suggesting to players to check out other manufacturers.

What shows are you planning to be at?

We’ll be attending Salute, UK Games Expo, and Crisis in full TTCombat force, and will be represented by Don out in the US at Adepticon and Gencon (and I think some others I’ve forgotten).

Will we be getting rule books that incorporate the faq?

For DZC the new rules will be a complete package (although a little way off yet). For DFC… never say never! Adding content to a book means it isn’t just a reprint, so the prices shoot right up on production, even for small changes. Without having any numbers in front of me, I couldn’t give a definitive answer.

Who will you be working with for storage solutions kr/feldherr and can we expect new foam sets to be commissioned?

We’ve been looking into storage for a little while, but there’s only so much time in the day! It’s not at the top of our priority list, but if there are companies that want to work with us, I’d urge them to get in touch.

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thanks to all the Hawk fans that have come through this transition with us. It’s been slower than we’d have liked (you never really know what’s going on behind the scenes until you start), but we’re working hard to get everything running smoothly. New minis are coming, new rules are coming (eventually), and the Commander universe is going to be making a big push over the next year to retake its spot in the wargaming world. We’re all just looking forward to getting all the less fun stuff out of the way so we can get back to making cool minis and affordable scenery!

So there you have it guys the ‘Drop’ franchise is definitely looking good for the foreseeable, having spoke to a few of the guys on the Rumbleslam stall at Salute last year. I can say that’s these guys are here to play. We will be keeping in touch with TTCombat (hopefully arranging some really cool things with them) but for now its time to finish painting my PHR fleet (although it seriously needs some reinforcements)

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