Godtear Exclusive Galana the Crystalmancer Reveal

Tabletop Games UK has been lucky enough to be given an exclusive look at a yet to be revealed Champion for Godtear. Godtear is Steamforged games next release and is coming to kickstarter on April 6th.

Few mortals can claim to know the gnomish race with any truth, for this diminutive people are selective and cautious by nature, trusting only their own. In the forgotten corners of the world they make their home, far beyond the expanse of the Cradle.


Only but one of their number wanders abroad. Her decision borne from a strange wanderlust previously unknown to others of her kind.
Galnana has become a familiar sight atop the highest peaks since entering the Cradle. Her hands tightly pressed to her staff as she communes with the storm-borne spirits. Through the these Spirits words she has at last divined the purpose of her restless soul. Now tempered by a newfound quest to unite the awaiting Godtear by the hand of the Crystalmancer.

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