Grumpy Old Tin – Review

So this review has been a long time coming and I have to say a huge apology to Nik/Brian at Grumpy Old Tin for not just getting on with it.  Because of that and also because of the huge bundle of stuff he sent me the review will end up with two pieces.  That way I can cover all the bits he’s sent me properly.

So this folks is how all future review items need to look.  Each set in its own little bag, with notes and loads of pieces as well.  Handwritten note as well which I haven’t seen in ages the attention to detail is spot on from the box opening.  One of the things that amaze me about MDF terrain is it’s so versatile and you can do so many little things with it that can hugely change the board.

Nik does bespoke MDF laser cutting for people so as you can see he sent a few things along for me to have a look at.

So the first little bag I opened had been described as a multi-use crate.


At first, I’ll admit I looked at the pieces and thought how is this supposed to go together.  And then I thought Oh hell this can go together in so many ways.  So I started trying out different combinations.  What holds this piece together is the 5 MDF bars which you could cut to any shape.  With the shape of the pieces I even looked at them being some sort of Mad element for a Tesla device as well.  This is one of the aspects I love about some of the kits, they have so many uses and in many ways its left to you to work out what you’re going to use them for.

Up next is some very simple Coffins or Body storage devices, call them what suits you best.

Nice and simple designs that cover loads of potential ideas that you might have.  In fact looking at them they could easily end up as doors if scaled up just a bit bigger (Okay lots if you play 40/30K :D)

Now the last Item in this review is whats described as a simple building form.  It eases the need to spend ages cutting loads of foam core to the size you need.  Just grab one of these and then add as you need.  MDF holds paint, plaster, DAS modelling putty and a multitude of other mediums with ease.


Because of the style of the building your only limit is your own imagination.  Its easy enough to add brickwork, semi or full timber frame.  the roof you could tile, thatch whatever you fancy.  If you really love the foam core root than the form can become a template to ensure what you cut out is the same every time.

One of my favourite items in the pack is the 2 Team coasters and I have to admit I have one on my computer desk at home and also replaced my coaster at work which was being held together by grim determination and the hope that it never got a deep clean.

So that’s all for now and I’ll be covering some more items in the next week.  Check out Nik’s blog and see what he’s up to, at the moment he’s building an amazing board for Frostgraves Ghost archipelago.  And if your in need of something special drop him and mail and I’m sure he can help out.


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