Rangers Lead The Way: First Outing in Dust 1947

Last week my good friend Leon gave me a demo game of Dust 1947, a game I have been looking at for ages. While I don’t usually need much excuse to get into a new game. For some reason I have just never made the jump as normally I am busy with something else. What a fool I have been!

The initial team selection went something like this – “Darren pick some stuff that looks cool and we will work from there.”. So I did and then Leon picked an approximate equal amount of points. After an incredibly brief how to play chat around some of the finer points of the game. Such as touching the corners of two bits of scenery I was itching to throw some dice around. It’s worth mentioning in Dust that you can throw a lot of dice around!

I got off to a reasonable start and in turn 2 I one-shotted Leon’s brand new shiney £23 hero. Which was a shame as he had only just received it. I did this using Rhino and an attached Heavy Ranger Assualt Squad. A really cool mechanic here lets the unit benefit from all the Heroes special rules if they are attached. This also works the other way round with hero fgaining squad rules. So my attack, although only 8 dice, was able to go first instead of simultaneously which was great as I took out Gua-Lo (Mister £23 as I referred to him the whole game) in one shot, which felt great, I wont lie. It also reduced the threats to my walkers significantly.

However, the feel-good factor of taking out one of Leon’s heavy hitters was really short lived. This was entirely due to Not being able to kill a lowly flamethrower. He was the only surviving member of a squad I pretty much obliterated in the first turn, until turn 6. Seriously, the flamethrower survived numerous assualts, machine gun strafings and the odd anti-tank shell. He just would not die. Pretty much straight after killing Leons Hero my luck felll from slightly over average. Plummeting right down to dice breaking levels of less than useless.

Whilst not fully up to speed on the rules, or the models/units. I can say that yes this was a great game. Based on the amount of fun and how easy it was to start finding stuff out myself and working out dicepools on the fly, I can say that here at Tabletop Games UK we will be seeing more of Dust in the near future. I can also say to Leon that the Rangers are coming for revenge, my friend.

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