Grappling with a Goblin, while your king falls to an assassin

Coming soon to kickstarter we have Goblin Grapple. This fun 2-4 player card game is deceptively simple and annoyingly addictive. The premise is simple be the first player to have 100 points worth of cards in your Garrison.

Now the first thing to note is that this is a preview copy so doesn’t reflect the end quality of the product, but the presentation is really good and the wooden storage box is a really good idea and a rather reasonably priced add on to the core game.

Starting off every player is dealt a hand from which they play cards face down to form their army. Once these cards have been laid down that is where they will stay. Until your opponent challenges you, by placing down a card to ‘battle’ your army.

Battles are fairly straight forward in that the defender turns over their top most facedown card from the army, and the highest number wins. The winner then adds both cards to their Garrison, which is a face up pile to the side of the playing area. Once a player has 21 points or more in their garrison they have won the round. To win the game you need to collect 100 points across all rounds.

The simplicity and openness of Goblin Grapple is its main selling point. On the surface it is an incredibly simple game, that almost any age can play and understand the rules. Dig a little deeper though and the strategy and skills really start to shine through. The high scorer is the King with a massive 8 points, just a few of these and you are well on your way to winning the game, but wait the Goblin Assassin auto beats a king. So you are going to have to think about how you throw those cards around. If you miss time it you are going to be handing a lot of points to your opponent!

With Goblin Grapple going to kickstarter there are bound to be some stretch goals to bring a bit more value to the game. What these are at the moment are unknow, a secret being guarded by the Goblin Royal Guard I would imagine. One thing is sure though, they will definitely add more fun to an already very good game.

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