Captains in Dreadball

All teams no matter what sport need that one dynamic player to lead from the front or pull the team back together when the going gets tough. The captain is usually the player willing to push that bit further or go the extra mile to win the game. We now have rules to use Captains in Dreadball which will totally change the options you have when playing a team, opening up exciting dynamic plays that can be used whilst they are on the pitch.

Coach on the pitch

The first advantage of the captain is they act like a coach on the pitch. During your rush you can play an action on the captain and use a coaching ability. Any of the four coaching abilities can be used; hustle, playbook, challenge and prepare. The downside of this to taking a coach is that it costs an action.

Extra action

Any payer within five hex’s of the captain can have an extra action played on them this rush. Players of first edition will know that this was the bonus to taking a offensive coach. The player has to be within five of the captain meaning that they will need to be kept in a good position on the pitch to make the most of the ability.

Captains cards

My favorite addition with the captains is their cards. Each teams captain has their own set of ten cards. At the beginning of the game you draw 5 cards and pick 2 to keep in your hand. These cards are played like normal Dreadball cards and can really flip the game in your favour. below I’ll take a look at a couple of cards from the Matsudan set.


Play this card after making a slam action within 5 hexes of the captain. The player may make a free run action. This pretty much allows a player to make a move to slam and then another move after for free. This would be great for clearing the 3 point zone of a player, then setting up to receive a pass.

Double team

One player within 5 hexes of the captain may run to threaten an opposing player. A second player within 5 hexes of the captain may then slam the threatened player with a +1 modifier. Double teaming players with a slam is always good, add in the +1 on the card it becomes great. It also allows 2 players to be moved by using one card.

My captain, my captain

Having played a few games now and starting to take part in a couple to leagues I can really see where the Captain is useful. Also it will get me using all the MVP’s that I never used in first edition. However Captains do come at a price. Most af the captains will cost more than two of your basic players. The choice is do I drop players early on or wait till I have earned enough to buy him later?


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