Blitzkrieg Miniatures Black Friday Unboxing

Blitzkrieg Miniatures had a cracking Black Friday offer on many of their 1/56 vehicles such as a wonderful £10 per vehicle. It would be rude not too have bought some! The only catch was that the delivery time would be a while due to the volume of orders they were expecting.  The only challenge I came across was what to buy from the offers they had and in the end I settled for the below vehicles. The total cost of £30 was a total bargain. So let’s get into this Blitzkrieg Miniatures Black Friday Unboxing!

1/56 Panzer III Ausf J

1/56 Sd.Kfx. 7 with Tarpauline Roof

1/56 M3 Lee



As always the models arrived securely package an in a solid card board box.

The sculpts are up to the usual high standard and the quality of the casts is phenomenal. I can see why Bitzkrieg Miniatures take a while to cast them up.



As with all resin a quick scrub in some soapy water removes any release agent and does not interfere with the paint later on.

Some quick assembly later and the vehicles are completed. As normal for this company there is very little in the way of cleaning up required, the casts are solid and have no flash on them.  If only all companies’ resin products were of this quality. Now, because this is me, I couldn’t just leave the vehicles like this as they needed some little personal touches.



The completed Sd.Kfz. 7 had no conversion work done as the sculpt is just right for towing the 88mm gun in my Afrika Korp army.

The Panzer II had a radio mast mounted on the turret and some stowage attached to various places. This was to represent the sort of armour that you can see in the images of the desert war.  I should add that I ran out of spray paint while base coating the tank. Current British snowstorm permitting, I will go get some to finish the job.

Finally, the M3 Lee has also had some stowage added to the tank and a 50.Cal added to the turret just for looks. I have a feeling that when I can get into my books again I will probably find the United States Marine Corp didn’t have the top turret. Should that be the case I may change it. Speaking of the USMC I will post an article with the army at a later date.


Blitzkrieg Miniatures make a quality product, from my experience. I know that there has been some grumbling from the community about the length of time they took to fulfil the orders from Black Friday. But who cares?! I got three exceptional tanks for £30.  Good job, Blitzkrieg, and I hope you keep up the good work.

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