40 Thieves: Preview

Coming to Kickstarter soon we have 40 Thieves, A card game of deduction and strategy, with a small amount of laughing at your opponents poor memory. The aim of the game is to steal as many Sapphires from the table as you can before the sapphires run out.

The game starts with 9 sapphires on the board and players have to try and steal them before their oppononents. The preview rules sheets I have seen show the game to be really rules light but as the game is a game of deduction, pretty much anything can happen.

Each turn is broken down into four phases, you draw your hand to start with. Once this is done you may secretly look at one card on the board, be careful as certain cards will trigger special actions, these vary from revealing more cards to losing your hand. Once the Glimpse phase has been resolved you may then take an action, you can either replace a card on the board with one from your hand, swap two adjacent cards on the table or play a special card from your hand, pretty tricky if you revealed a dagger in the glimpse phase which makes you discard your hand. Being able to move adjacent cards is very handy especially if you think someone is lining up for a Steal.

The forth and final phase of a players turn is an optional steal, when you do this you must reveal four card to either surround a gem or make four in a row, these cards must either be the same colour, symbols, or one each of the different colours or symbols. Doing this allows you to steal the surrounded gem or another that is touching the revealed combination. If you fail you get an evil eye token which hinders your prospects of winning, as each evil eye cancels out a gem stone at the end of the game.

Despite in principle being a very fun and simple memory game, there is a fair bit more to it. With people swapping cards around to make there own plans come to fruition. The game is fun and very thematic, with enough depth to keep people guessing for a fair while. The Evil eye mechanic should be enough to stop the massively wild guessing of some players and may temper the idea of just giving it a go regardless to try and guess a combination. With each card having a different effect depending on wether it is played from hand or revealed on the table it might be handy to have a few reference sheets angling around the table while you play the game until you get totally comfortable playing.

Coming to Kickstarter March 27th

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