Star Saga: In space everyone loves a dungeon crawler!

Arriving around the globe over the Christmas period was Star Saga, Mantic’s latest release funded through Kickstarter. Last month I got to take it to my local gaming club Aftermath. Having a reasonably strong Mantic following I was expecting there to be a lot of love for the game.

After a brief set up period using the pre-designed demo scenario I got down to a few demos. First thing everyone passed comment on was the better quality of one piece miniatures that Mantic is producing now. I like the Abysal sprues that came out for Dungeon Saga but the one pieces miniatures from the Mars Attacks range were a bit lacking. These are better then them and on par with The Walking Dead miniatures. The scenery was also very impressive, although some of the thinner plastic pieces are rather bendable.

The game is played on tiles similar to Dungeon Saga, although sci-if themed not fantastical dungeon themed. The tiles are easily set up and using the mission book you get a few different layouts, but nothing is stopping people from creating there own. Being set midway through a mission, the demo scenario gets players stuck right in promptly. Most people got the locked door open straight away, and ran into a load of enemies. They promptly tore into and killed them in short order before gleefully killed everything I could throw at them. Thankfully, most people enjoyed it quite a lot. One person even had a go at playing the nexus, the ‘evil’ player whose sole objective is to stop the heroes getting through.

From the feedback that was given to me on the day, Star Saga seems to be a potential hit. I am sure there will be some detractors from Mantics newest game. However, there is an awful lot of gaming to be had for this quantity and price. More so when the next wave lands in early part off next year.

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