Warhammer – Major Announcements From GAMA Trade Show!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Have we got a series of delights for you. Whether Age of Sigmar, Shadespire, Warhammer 40K or even Blood Bowl is your jam, buckle up! Games Workshop have made a series and enticing announcements and teases from GAMA  custom trade show displays.

Something that has me particularly excited is the return of Warhammer 40,000 – Kill Team!

The return of squad-based combat skirmishes comes roiling in with gusto via the above kick-ass trailer. Claiming it to be a “fully supported range with organised play” I’d assume Shadow War: Armageddon was a taster. A taste we all must have liked! It’s nice to see that Games Workshop are listening. Maybe they’re listening to the Sisters of Battle players, too?

Next up, Necromunda gets an announcement of House Van Saar coming to the Underhive. Packing the best weapons available in the rusty depths, these guys look to be packing some serious heat!

I’m yet to sway into the waters of Necromunda, but this announcement certainly has me raising my eyebrows…in a good way!

Next up, Shadespire gets two new warbands, supposedly the final two!

Magore’s Khorne Bloodbound and Farstrider Stormcast Eternals will seemingly be stepping into the Mirrored City soon. They may not be a Nurgle warband I’ve been pining for, but no doubt this’ll get people excited for more of those damned, unforgiving cards.

Blood Bowl now, showing up that the Gouged Eye orcs and those pesky goblins lads aren’t the only mean-lookin’ kids in the game. Coming soon, the Doom Lords, players for Chaos! Looks like it’s finally time for me to get into Blood Bowl as this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. More spiky boys!

Finally and quite possibly the most exciting, a brand new faction comes to Age of Sigmar. The Idoneth Deepkin! With an Order Battletome coming in their name, I’d wager we’ll be seeing models very, very soon. Games Workshop jokingly teased a “Fishmen” battletome coming. Seems it wasn’t entirely a joke…

Here’s hoping for big, burly shark people. I want to see teeth. LOTS of teeth!

Whilst this article is a sheer shotgun blast of information, it’s one I welcome with open arms. Kill Team? Chaos Blood Bowl? Fish people? Sign me up, Games Workshop. Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing more on all of the above soon.

Until then, keep with us on Facebook and may the dice roll in your favour.

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