Bolt Action: Afrika Korp Project Part 3

Following on with the tradition of being very slow to post updates for my Afrika Korp Force. I have neglected it for far too long and its time for an update. To help I picked up a few new books to help with the construction of the army. My previous update is here.

Work in progress:

This was the state of the force at the start of February. As you can see that its only half built at this stage.

In early march I made a bit of an effort and I managed to get the force to a stage where it could be used on the battlefield. Although at present I am missing a few vehicles to complete the force.

Completed and Basecoated:

As you can see there is still a lot to do in terms of painting the army but that is all in progress and I will post some updates later to show off the progress.

Finally if any of you have ever listened to Home Guard Radio’s Podcast you will have heard me rant on about how amazing Tigers are, well for my birthday my amazing other half decided we should go to Bovington Tank Museum and while I was there I got to cuddle a Tiger.

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