Shadespire: Fun Picks from Spiteclaw’s Swarm!

With the Shadespire Grand Clash over and done with at Warhammer World I figured now would be a good time to go over some of the newer items released. This isn’t going to be a competitive ranking of certain cards, as such. It’ll instead be looking at cards within the boxes and what fun you could have with them as combos!

So, let’s have a gander at some of the more chain-prone cards you could find in the Shadespire Skaven box – Spiteclaw’s Swarm.

I’ll be looking at the universal cards primarily and drawing mere references to various characters in these examples. So the cards I mention can be used by any faction within Shadespire!

Ploy Cards

Rebound – Effectively allows you to Roll for the chance of negating an incoming attack and deflecting it back at the attacker. Potentially an incredibly powerful card…providing you roll well.

Rethink Strategy – Allows you to ‘Mulligan’ or pick and choose your objective cards. Likely quite hand in your objective-heavy decks in case the draw isn’t in your favour.

Spoils of Battle – I might be crazy, but I cannot see why you wouldn’t take this card. You want to upgrade your guys as quickly as possible for that edge. Imagine giving one of your warriors cleave right off the bat of the first turn against Steelheart’s crew?!

Upgrade Cards

Ethereal Shield – Likely a total given for any warband that relies on Dodge to avoid damage. I’m looking at you, Sepulchral Guard! Whilst this won’t be applicable to some warbands, it’s definitely not one to be sniffed at by the more fragile fighters.

Awakened Weapon – Allows you to re-roll a single attack dice each time this fighter attacks. Again, I’d put this on one of your more crucial, combat-folk. Obryn, for example.

Shadestep – Whilst moving through fighters may not sound overly useful, for AoE characters it could be miraculously good. Being able to phase through a fighter and suddenly be able to hit three enemies in one swipe is the dream! Let’s also not forget it might help you get to a much-sought objective.

Objective Cards

Cover Ground – If a fighter moves six or more hexes, score 1 Glory. Great for Skaven, not so for Sepulchral Guard…

Master of War – Score a Glory if you score an objective card, played a ploy and an objective card this round. This is where the combos can really pay off.

Alone in the Darkness – Score if there are no adjacent fighters by the end phase. Absolutely attainable, especially early on, and certainly with the smaller warbands.


Let’s look at some combinations we can do with these and other cards. Cover Ground would be an easy score here. Take Spoils of Battle to Upgrade a fighter’s speed with an appropriate +Move card. Put it on Spiteclaw for instance, and his movement becomes six. Move him and you’ve scored Cover Ground AND Master of War in a couple of short steps. If this sounds like something you’d love to pull off,  take Rethink Strategy to increase your odds of getting the cards you need.

Once again, let’s take Spoils of Battle and upgrade a fighter with the above Shadestep. Let’s say it’s come to the final activation and one of your fighters is swarmed by Garrek’s Bloodreavers. If he’s a quick one with +Move and Shadestep, you could have him run through his foes, moving up to six hexes and leaving adjacency. That would potentially score you all the given objective cards for a healthy 4 Glory. Nothing to be sniffed at! Taking Awakened Weapon to increase the chance of a successful attack would be good too as it increases your chance to push fighters away from you.

Another card worthy of note, not pictured here, is Escalation. This objective card has you score 2 Glory if three or more Upgrade Cards were played in the preceding round. That doesn’t state friendly or enemy, so clocking that up would likely be very easy. I’ve seem Gurzag and his lot clock up that many Glory points and Upgrade Cards after the first round!

There are plenty of cards in the box but I’ll not cover them all. These were some of my favourites. I’m sure there’s countless possibilities considering how many cards there are across all boxes. What combinations have you found particularly fun or satisfying to pull off? We’d love to hear some doozies!

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