Ride to Battle in Tank Wars

Bolt Action has been around for a while and is primarily focused on infantry battles. Tank Wars however features, you guessed it tanks. The British Tank Wars Starter set features six tanks all the tokens and rules needed.

Now while I am not a fan of the plastic tanks, there good quality don’t get me wrong, I just prefer the resin which gives the model some weight. The British Tank Wars starter set gives you plenty of variants, the 3 Churchill tanks have 6 variants for each hull, in reality though with only 3 hulls and many of the variants sharing the same turret you can get away with having 2 choices for each tank. The Shermans however only have the 2 variants one VC Firefly and two Sherman Vs. So pretty much straight out of the box you have a ready to go force.

Now other than the weight of each model another reason I like the resin tanks is the almost total lack of need to build much of the shell. Just a few bits of detailing and the turret. Now that aside from that the plastic kits in the starter set are all superbly detailed and have plenty of notches so in theory all the parts should slip into place perfectly.

As well as the the tanks and counters, you also get decals and damaged markers. You also get the the pretty handy Bolt Action reference cards as well as an A5 Tank Wars rulebook. All this makes the box set a one stop shop to getting started in tank wars. It could also be a way off adding to an existing force with either armoured choices or a separate detachment.

The price is probably going to be the sticking point for most as it comes on at a hefty £95. Considering the tanks themselves cost £20 each and the pdf of the tank rules is just over ten pounds. This amounts to just over £130 so the saving is actually really good.

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