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Today we are going to look at a case for your miniatures, The Kingmaker. Like a lot of people when it comes to hobby money. I am sure most of us would spend it on the latest and greatest, or most powerful piece of plastic that we can find. However, whilst sorting through I realised I was in desperate need of some storage and transport options.

I really like the Battlefoam cases but as a general rule of thumb they are somewhat expensive. Looking around I found Gifts for Geeks. A UK-based company, that looks to have some nice cases at a variety of price points. They also have some great names for their bags, Dreadnought is my favourite so far.

The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker case is a medium sized case and you can easily configure what foam you want to arrive inside the case through the websites order form. It’s as easy as looking for the size you want and clicking on the picture of the foam. The webpage even tells you how much room you have left in the bag. Be careful here as it’s quite easy to order the wrong one especially when it’s late at night and for some reason you think Space Marines are still based on 25mm bases! As you can guess I ordered the wrong foam, the 2nd layer of foam I ordered isn’t exactly the wrong size but it is a lot deeper than I had originally intended to buy.

The bag itself is a very sound affair plain black with some red detailing including the Tabletop Tyrant logo. All the fixings and fastenings for the straps are metal which is great news as I find plastic, unless it’s the really hard stuff, tends to warp a bit. The strap has a small pad on it as well to make carrying it around a bit more comfortable. It also features two handles, one in the more traditional “suitcase” location, as well as a second on the top so you can carry it with the foam laying flat inside the bag.

The foam in the 25mm tray is really sturdy and the holes although pre-cut still have the foam in them. Handy if you want some cheap scatter terrain. However, the 35mm tray dividers are a little thinner and somewhat more flexible. The foam blocks pull out easy enough, again more scatter terrain. I am pretty sure everything will still do its job.

On the website you are able to custom load your bag with the foam you need. I would recommend taking care here, or you could end up doing what I did and ordering the wrong size. I think I could easily have had one more layer in the bag possibly even two. Make sure you don’t rush and I’m sure you’ll have no problems as I did.

Overall the Kingmaker case itself is of more than adequate quality. I’m considering taking a stab at a larger case but this time with more sensible foam-sizes in mind. If you find yourself in need of a case then I’d advise you at the very least consider Tabletop Tyrants. Available via the Gifts for Geeks website.

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