Podcast: Malign Portents Review

Greetings once again, fans of dice-rolling, rules-reading and occasional movement tray-shuffling! We come at you with something a little different today. We recently got our grubby little mitts on the new Malign Portents book from Games Workshop. Malign Portents works as both a book rife with new rules and gameplay content but also features a metric-tonne of lore and narrative advancement. So, we felt it a great opportunity to whip up a Malign Portents Review!

However, you guys might be too busy building models, painting scenery, etc, to read a fully fledged review. We’ve got you covered! We’ve produced a nifty little podcast so you can all listen to it whilst you continue to fulfil your hobby goals. In the review I go into some detail about new rules, new models and new systems brought in the book. Don’t be fooled by my sometimes unimpressed tone, I’m simply a little sick right now! A scheme of Grandfather Nurgle trying to turn my tone of the review, perhaps? You’ll have to listen and find out!

Give it a listen via the SoundCloud player below!

If you want a very quick summary of the Malign Portents Review, this book is wonderful for its price point. For its price it also includes a slew of new rules, battleplans and gameplay systems. You also get an in-depth update as to where the world is right now. The book brings you up to date with Nagash’s nefarious schemes and what the other factions think about such shenanigans. The new gameplay elements added, whilst not essential, can also really help to mix up your Age of Sigmar games. Whether you’re a Sigmar lore-buff or someone who plays games every other weekend, this book is sensationally alluring for the price. My advice? Grab it, and interpret the Malign Portents for yourself and your armies!

As always gang, thanks for checking in and keep checking back with us for more content and updates in the future!

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