Team Yankee – Ryan’s Leathernecks Unboxing.

I have always liked the idea of Flames of War and Team Yankee. The massed ranks of armoured vehicles deployed on the table looks great. The problem with Flames of War for me is that I already have my World War Two Fix in the shape of Bot Action. Flames of war has evolved and now offers a variation of different time settings and this my fellow tread heads is where Team Yankee reports for deployment.

Having grown up on the 80’s the idea of the Cold War struggle against the communist horde in Europe intrigues me. A few months ago I picked up the main rule book for some light reading. Now I hit upon the normal problem i always have when it comes to new Games and that is what army do I want to play.

A quick visit to the friendly Battlefront dealer left me with multiple options. Do I want to play as massed forces of the USSR, not really a fan of the Russian tanks. The west Germans with there technologically advanced Leopard tanks, but I don’t like the helicopters or the tornado jet. The British with there Scimitar tanks and Harriers, this did appeal as I could recreate the Scots Greys . The Americans with there great A10s and Abrams tanks. It was then that I saw this bad boy…

The USMC it’s was, I have them in Bolt Action so it seemed a natural choice, Harriers and Hueys what more could i ask for. Now getting to the money scene we have the unboxing.

Inside the box

The starter sets come complete with a small paperback rulebook. The small book has all the rules in it to get started with the game. It’s also a lot lets easier to carry around.

Next up we have the unit cards. These unit cards contain all the stats for the units including the point costs for them. This makes it so much easier to keep track of the vehicle rules. You also get a quick reference card.

The quality of the plastic kits is incredible. With the Marines being the newest force to be released they have a lot of excellent kits available. Most of the kits are all plastic as well. Overall these Team Yankee starter sets seem to be well thought out. Depending on which one you choose gives you a good starting place for your force to hold back the commie menace.

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