Santa Kyle: The Red and White, and Max

This Christmas saw the release of Warcradle’s first special miniature, Santa Kyle the Red. Based on Kyle the black from the Enlightened Faction. Kyle also featured, alongside Max, a rather festive take on a K9 Attack dog.

I got mine incredibly late on in the window of opportunity to buy the set. After making it I started to get some base layers of paint on the two models. As Max is a K9 Attack dog I thought I may as well paint my other K9 models at the same time. Once I had a few layers down on the models I lined them up for a Work in Progress photo.

I saw the photo and how the models looked together and had the craziest of ideas, a ‘Santa Kyle’ crew. Now, I started this thought with nothing more than a bit off a laugh in mind. I seriously didn’t even think I would be able to even get the required number of K9 models into a legal list. But…hang on, Kyle has two unique posse cards which I am going to have to try and get all together to see what other crazy ideas I can come up with. Not only that but after chatting to some of the Warcradle guys they seem quite taken by the idea. I’m not 100% sure if it’s possibly an ingenious idea, or just something that will look hilarious on the table for a few turns before getting absolutely decimated.

Enlightened Faction Posse Kyle the Black

Posse Build

So we start off with Santa Kyle in the Posse Boss slot. I will have 5 K9 attack dogs split into two Hand Units, this covers slots 1 and 2. The 4 K9 Gun dogs will be split into two equal units for slots 3 and 4. Every Santa needs a sleigh so after looking through the list of models I think a Doomsday is going to have to do as a sleigh with some minor adjustments.

This takes up 5 of my six slots on the posse card and leaves me 20 points shy of 1000 points. No amount of badgering has yet revealed any elves in the pipe line for release. An Angry mob is 20 points, so it looks like I will have to have a go at green stuffing small pointy hats. Or adding a few special weapons as I am seriously short on the ranged firepower.

As you can see this project is very work in progress. I am short a few models but hopefully that will get rectified sooner rather than later. Another few hours and hopefully I will have the main man Santa Kyle finished. The K9 are almost done but I feel I may have a go at a bit of weathering. It will be interesting to see how that goes. I need to get a few more bits of details, such as eyes, to be picked out. Then it’s just the extra bits on Max and the crew that need finishing.

What do you think? Do we think Santa Kyle reign supreme or get squashed into mythical fairy dust on the table?

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