Tales of an Underaverage Painter: The One where Darren finally gets out to play.

After many false starts I got to my first Guildball tournament in what seems like an age! It took place last weekend at Athena Games, it may be more of a friendly and relaxed launch tournament for the Old Fathers release, however, it’s a tournament and it’s some ball time I have been sorely missing.

Who to take…

The question is – what team do I take? My trusty Union? My Hunters? The Mortitions that the wife brought for my birthday last year? Of course, there is also the option of the first Farmers box set, or the blacksmiths, or maybe perhaps the new farmers box set that has just been released. All these options also discount the zombie team I got at Halloween, as well as the Masons and Brewers that are in the Kick Off set. When did I get so many teams? Why did I get so many teams?!

Truth be told I am tempted with my Union, led of course by Blackheart himself. As I would like to get Grace and Benadiction on the pitch for the first time, maybe even go for a Brisket captain to mix it up a little on the side lines. But then the farmers would seem like the logical choice as its a farmers event, but maybe to obvious. The blacksmiths look reasonably promising despite not being able to get the 2nd box set as I wasn’t at SteamCon last year. I think they are undercoated and hopefully I can get a few hours with them on the work bench during the week. That should be enough to get some base layers and shading done.

Now, with no real planning and no practice games I’m hitting the pitch cold.

The blacksmiths are a different breed. With all the armour you would be forgiven in thinking that they are a ‘bashy’ team, but they aren’t. There a team that are very comfortable playing ball.

Not really finished but close enough. Only two players turned up, so loot guaranteed.

Play ball!

So, on to the Farmers launch event itself…

Playing against Ed who was running out the Union for the first time. The Union are a team I am very comfortable with, but with the 3rd season changes they are much nastier than last season. For game one we decided on a very casual game with each coach helping out the other and suggesting some plays. The first game was 12-10 to The Union. After a quick start out of the gate we started turn 3 on 10-8 to Ed. I had to set up and score but the first activation went so terribly I was basically left with my second activation having to score with Cinder or else Sledge was going to get taken out. 5 dice needing three 5s. Didn’t quite happen with 5,5,4,4,3 so close yet…so far.

The second game we played on the clock and again was close. Sledge got taken out yet again…..guess who is getting dropped for Blacksmiths Box 2! Which, by the way, should be arriving from Wyldstorm Games very soon. But this time I lost 12-8. I tried to play a different game and gave away too much momentum for defensive plays and bonus times.

So the take away from my two games. It’s disappointing that I didn’t even manage a win. But I can now see more ways of playing the Blacksmiths than I could before. Honestly I am stoked to try them again. The Goal is nearly always on the cards with some really good strikers. But if you want to go toe to toe with the opponent there are options there as well. I think i made the mistake of trying to push parts of the game that weren’t yet there to be pushed. Trying to go for the goal instead of the take out. The blacksmiths are very fluid and as I said before can play both the ball and the combat well enough. What I need to learn is to work with the team. With some practice come to see when and where to wade in with those big old size 11s

Hopefully the next pitch time isn’t far off as I am going to Master the Blacksmiths and start to catch up with my union win rate which is fairly good.

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