Bolt Action – Polish Airborne

Many of you will have seen the slow progress I have been making on my 1250 point German Afrika Korp force. I have been building them up with the support of WAR HQ and RUBICON models. In 2017 I made a road trip with Mr Paul Walker from War HQ to Leicester to play in a Bolt Action tournament. We then decided on that trip that we would make more Bolt Action road trips but, sadly, we never got round to it.

Well, this year will be different! 2018 will be the year of the Bolt Action road trip and to start with we’re both heading to A ‘Cam’bridge too Far. Shortly after this trip will be followed in the same month by a trip to Lincoln. Now, both of these events are going to be 1000 point events and unfortunately I couldn’t make the Afrika Korp work at 1000 points. So, I was left with the decision as to what to run.

Decisions, decisions…

My choices were United States Marine Corp or Ardennes Era Panzer Lehr…decisions, decisions!  I have deployed the Germans for most of last year and in the last two events I ran the USMC, so I feel a change is in order.  I had planned a rather tantalizing British 1st Armoured list from the German Strikes book but I don’t own the models yet. So, I think to myself, what should I take to the 1000 point events?  Then I remember I had started a Polish Airborne force as couple of years ago and hadn’t run them at any events yet.

Making do with what we’ve got…

Having read ‘Freely I served’ by General Stanislaw Sosabowski and seen my other half’s reaction to Gene Hackmans bad attempt at a Polish accent in a bridge too far I thought this could be a fun army. I am not buying any new models for this force so I need to make do with the troops I have. With that in mind I have managed to create the following list.

  • Veteran 1st Lieutenant with trooper both armed with Sub machine guns.
  • 8 Veteran Airborne armed with five submachine guns.
  • 8 Veteran Airborne armed with five submachine guns.
  • 7 Veteran Airborne armed with five submachine guns.
  • 7 Veteran Airborne armed with a light machine gun and one sub machine gun.
  • 7 Veteran Airborne armed with a light machine gun and one sub machine gun.
  • Regular Artillery Observer.
  • Regular Sniper team.
  • Regular PIAT team.
  • Regular Meduim Machine Gun.
  • Regular Medium Mortar with Spotter.
  • Regular Light Artillery with Spotter.
  • Regular Medic.

As you all can see the army is not painted, this means I have until March to finish the force. You might think that’s a lot of time but I still have my Horus Heresy Space Wolves to finish. Then there is my Adeptus Mechanicus along with the Afrika Korp. So many game systems and I only have two arms to paint! Add in that I have started playing The Elder Scrolls Online again and, well, I haven’t got much free time. I have also been waiting for Stoessis Heroes to release there Sosabowski sculpt. This will make the perfect centerpiece for my force. Stoessi, the man himself, says that we’re looking at March so I might be able to get it in time.

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