Kore Thinking 20mm and15mm Kickstarter

Kore Thinking have taken there recently funded 32mm vehicles and shrunk them down for another kickstarter. In this kickstarter you can choose betweeen either 15mm vehicles or 20mm vehicles. The 20mm would be particularly useful if you happen to play Gaslands.

So what can you expect from this kicktarter? A well managed project for a start. This isn’t their first outing on crowd funding and the 32mm variants are due to be shipped very soon. You can also expect to receive a good quality final product the prototype vehicles I have on the shelf for the 32mm versions of these vehicles are incredibly well made and look really good. That is untill I start to paint them.

Now I know I am not solely to blame for this kickstarter but I have asked a few times about getting the vehicles in a scale small enough to use with Gaslands. After a few rounds on social media it became apparent that there was a demand for the models. So the people want the guys from Kore Thinking provide.

We have pretty much the entire range including the LARC being shrunk down to be able to use in other games.

As you can see there are a fair few vehicles there already. All of them are made in resin and I have heard a rumour of a weapon sprue being in the pipeline as well. Being resin these will be much easier to work with than diecast vehicles.I’m also fairly sure that the guys at Kore Thinking are also looking at new things to bring us as well. They usually are. Personally I am hoping to win the lottery so I can get, a loads of bits to go with this and really start a good adventure in Gasdlands.

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