Unboxing a Gangs of Rome Fighter

Today I picked up one of the blister packs containing a gang fighter for Gangs of Rome. Now, there is one thing to note when you pick up a blister. Nothing is guaranteed! During a conversation with Andy from Warbanner I worked out there was over 6,200 different combinations of miniature parts. Which isn’t too bad starting from just 10 bodies.

So here we go with ‘Fighter Quartus’ as I don’t even know what his name is. This is down to the way the system is designed so that every fighter card inside the blister is different, the names might be repeated, or the stats or the special rules but never in the same combination. If you do happen to get a duplicate fighter card Warbanner have said they will replace it.

Fighter Quartus for gangs of Rome

So inside you get the picture insert, the model body, a sprue of three heads and a sprue of about 6 different weapons. How you model each fighter doesn’t have a major impact on the game as nearly everything can be changed by spending Denari, the Gangs of Rome currency. You also get a ‘jigsaw’ base which you will have to make yourself as well as the flesh markers that fit into the jigsaw base.

The character card is where the surprises really begin. The character is Maximillanus, each character comes with a back story some are quite humorous, such as racing painted rats. However, Maximillanus is rather boring by comparison, he just hears the voice of Orcus demanding murder and mayhem. Sounds slightly unhinged to me, but maybe that’ll come in handy in the fights. As well as a back story each fighter has a special rule which is also printed on the card. In this instance Maximillanus is able to move through a mob then move the Mob 10 Gradus (inches) away, maybe to provide cover for a gang member or to impede an enemy gangs movement or line of sight. When I first read this ability it seemed to have no value, but scratch the surface and there are all sorts of tricks and mischief you can get up to.



Denari cards also come with the blister (it’s a pretty hefty haul in the pack as you’ll gather). These are again totally random and there is no way of knowing what you will get. In this blister I got Fierce Mastiff which is great as I already have the Mastiff model, but not the card.

Powder of Venus prevents all initial attacks of a charge, which is incredibly potent. As well as causing 1 unavoidable damage to all fighters in base to base contact.

Wicked Caltrops is great for area denial or as a nasty suprise for your opponent. It causes 2 unavoidable damage to all models in contact. The final card of the four is Cohorts Helmet that handily stops a mob from suffering Rage or Panic.

The Denarii cards

That’s everything in this Gangs of Rome blister that I have unboxed for you today. Opening a Fighter blister is a bit of a cross between opening a miniature and a collectable card game booster pack. The anticipation of what you may or not get is undeniably addictive. This is especially true as only the body, base, marker and dice are guaranteed. You’re going to get a great model body, that alone is assured!

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