Steamforged presents Godtear: Early Access

You may have seen our previous coverage of this saucy little number. Steamforged Games next project dramatically named Godtear will be available from Tuesday 30th January in very limited numbers on their webstore tomorrow.

This is an outstanding opportunity to get involved in Godtear.

The hotly awaited Godtear Playtest Pack is available for those who attended SteamCon & those with Early Access today!

If you attended SteamCon UK or USA or signed up for Early access, you  should have an email from SFG today (Monday 29th) giving you access to purchase the Playtest Pack & Additional Champions.

If neither of the above apply to you, you will have to check the SFG Webstore tomorrow (Tuesday 30th) at 16:00 GMT when SFG will make any remaining copies & 100 additional copies available for all.

This Early Access Kit is how you can help shape the future of the Godtear game via play-testing and providing feedback via the SFG forums. This is not the final version of the game and the rules are likely to change during the open playtest period.

Due to this the Early Access Kit does not contain printed copies of the rules or character cards. These will be downloadable, you will require access to the internet and a printer to fully participate in the playtest.


• Blackjaw, The Exile

• Rhodri Ironheart, Thane of the Forsaken Hold

• Lorsaynne, The Autumnal Wind

• Raeth-Marid, The Unbroken Tide

• x5 Orcs

• x4 Dwarves

• x3 Elves

• x3 Water Spirits

• Laminate dry-wipe Playmat

• 24 Blank Dice

• 12 mdf tokens

• 1 tri-hex

• 12 mdf hexes

• 70 health cubes

• 3 sticker sheets

Models will require assembly

Additionally you can add Shayle, Keeper of the Oath with her Golem (£35) and/or Rangosh, Scourge of the Broken Plains with 5 Human Bandits (£35) to your order

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