Pelage: The toughest kid on the block?

Pelage is the newest member of the Ratcatchers Guild and today we can share her with you. In case you haven’t heard the Ratcatchers is going to be the next new guild released by Steamforged Games for Guildball.

Looking at the front of Pelage’s card there isn’t really anything that stands out. She is quite tough with a defence of 5 and generates momentum off a single successful attack. Only having 10 health is going to be a disadvantage against some of the more violent teams out there.

Flipping the card over is where Pelage goes from mediocre to a dangerous player.

Her character traits, which are active all the time, are quite powerful. A 2″ aura which snares or causes damage is notably useful. Anytime an opponent ends their activation engaged with Pelage they take 3 damage. This sounds horrendously powerful! With only 10 health though the likelihood of Pelage surviving is average at best. You are going to have to get some other models near her to help take the brunt of any attacks. Pelage also gets +1 damage to all playbook results against all male players, which is quite a few.

Probably the most powerful but most subtle character trait is Dark Allure. This means attacks against her do not generate momentum for the attacker. This is quite a powerful attribute as Momentum is used for taking strikes at the goal and a host of other plays. Cancelling the generation of Momentum could be a big factor in keeping Pelage alive. Attacking her is a gamble, if you attack and take her out in one turn you get the Victory Points but that is it. If she survives your attack, you are potentially going to start feeling the effects of her character plays in the next turn unless you attack with another player quickly thereafter. If you ignore her then she is free to run around and support other players whilst being a reasonable goal threat as well.

We will endeavour to keep up with all the newest Ratcatchers news here.

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