Good News Everyone – Las Vegas Open 2018 Studio Preview

Hi everyone! Craig here and I bring you news from the Las Vegas Open that’s currently taking place and the Games Workshop team have given us some lovely sneak peeks at the future.

The next three codexes have been revealed and they would be Necrons, T’au and The Drukhari.  This news will make the community’s Necron players very happy as the team also showed off a new Cryptek Necron model, if you click the image it will take you to a 360 video of the model.

The next reveal we have today is the new Knight Armiger which is smaller than the current knight classes and if you click the picture you will be able to view a 360 video of the model.

Next up we have Age of Sigmar and the reaveal of the new figures of the Daughters of Khaine.

Warhammer Cummunity have posted this teaser video for the release – Video

They have also posted this video of the models.

Shadespire sees the reveal for the Chosen Axes, which i have to say might have convinced me to get into Shadespire, just have a look at the 360 by clicking the image.

Man, this is a love of stuff! This might not even be the last of it with a few days still remaining of the LVO. Of course, should we see anything else we’ll keep you guys posted.

Check back with us when you can! As always, be sure to follow our Facebook for regular posts and updates.


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