Age of Sigmar -Thunder and Plague in the Amethyst Realm – Part 1

Whilst we don’t cover it a great deal, rest assured, we love Age of Sigmar! TTGUK are very excited about the upcoming Malign Portents content that Games Workshop are release. It’s about time Death got a fresh lick of paint, along with some new models too, hopefully!

With this in mind, a fellow wargamer and I took it upon ourselves to indulge in a custom mini-campaign over the weekend to get ourselves pumped for the upcoming update. He wrote the narrative and the custom game elements, I provided facilities and beverages. Remember, the Age of Sigmar is even more enjoyable with a brew at hand! Here’s a quick rundown of what went down.

The premise of the campaign was that two armies would battle within the Realm of Death (named Shyish, for those fresh to the party). Shortly after the being driven from the Realm of Life, a band of Nurgle Rotbringers fled through a realm gate into Shyish to avoid utter destruction. The Stormcast Eternals whom had delivered thrashing upon thrashing to the forces would follow in hot pursuit.

The first game was a skirmish-style game which had a handful of warriors from each side scrabble to regroup with their fellows and drive off the enemy. You can watch a brief telling of the battle via the slideshow of images provided.

Visions of War within the Age of Sigmar

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With the skirmish game over and Nurgle forces proving superior in this instance, the narrative unfolded that Tendril’s troops attained solid footing within the area. Planting countless seeds, many withering in the dead and lifeless dirt. But some, somehow, did flourish, building strength for the pestilent army! The Stormcast Eternals would regroup, recover and come back to attack their foes once again in the very foreseeable future.

The biggest highlight of the game was the drastic turnaround of the game. It started with a seemingly sure defeat for one side, only for that army to come out narrowly victorious! Sometimes the dice can be cruel. The Blightkings under-performed before getting utterly obliterated by a Retributor. One thing that was apparent was that magic really, really useful and powerful in Skirmish!

I’ll also take this opportunity to say that Skirmish within Age of Sigmar is still great fun. It’s quick and easy to set up and you can finish a game in less than an hour. I’m always happier playing many small games than a single large one!

Check back later for the showcase of our next battle within the campaign where Tendril and his Rotbringers will defend an area against the sore and vengeful Hallowed Knights of the Stormcast Eternals! The future articles will be a little more in-depth as the battles escalate and become rather scarily grandiose!

As always, check our Facebook regularly for updates and more. Especially if you’re keen on the Malign Portents content within Age of Sigmar!

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