Impending Warhammer 40,000 Reveal!



Well, it looks like we’ve got a lot of shiny stuff to show.

Via the Warhammer Community Site it looks like the following:

Codex: Adeptus Custodes!

Not what I would have hoped for, I wasn’t aware there are enough models to justify an entire codex but, hey, I guess I can be wrong at least some of the time! I suspect we’ll start seeing a stream of new models and updates over the coming weeks. All clad in shiny, shiny gold!

Codex: Thousand Sons!

Cool, now THIS I can get behind. Though I confess that the Imperium and Chaos have had quite a bit of time in the spotlight. When will Xenos get some love, Games Workshop?! I’m curious as to why there seems to be a lot less imagery of actual models in this video compared to the Custodes one. Curious…

Warhammer Fest x2!

It looks like there’ be two Warhammer Fests this year. Two! What lucky sods we are. One will be held in the UK in May whilst the second will be hosted in Düsseldorf. Anyone fancy a quick trip over the channel later this year?

This is all fresh from the Warhammer Community site. Whether we’ll see more throughout the day is yet to be seen. Stay tuned for more as and when we get it!

Original Article:

Hold on to your butts, grimdark fans. Warhammer 40K has something new and shiny to show us imminently!

Shared via the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page, they let us know via this eerie image.




Now it’s time for us to read into this far more than any would deem healthy!

“They have watched.”

This to me feels pivotal and could pertain to a number of things. Potentially, I feel it could come to one or some of the following:

  • Inquisition/Agents of the Imperium update. Watching, assessing, rendering judgement, I’d say this is high on the list of possibilities in some form. Whether it be a Custodes update, some sort of Inquisition update or maybe even….no, surely not Adeptus Sororitas?! A codex would be nice!
  • The Lion…once again, reading into the word “watched” with humming intensity I reckon there’s a chance this could be the don of the Dark Angels finally getting his hands dirty. Him and his Watchers in the Dark have been name dropped in a few recent updates/codex releases and we are about due for a Primarch release, too! Emperor knows that Roboute could use the backup.
  • [UPDATE] – Further to this, some images of new Custodes started dropping on Facebook last night! As seen below –

This could support my hopes in an “Agents of the Inquisition/Imperium” codex. After all, these guys will surely need a Codex to go into? Along with the Sisters of Silence, not to mention Saint Celestine! Or, they might just be a new box of Custodes Terminators and that’s it…boy, wouldn’t that be disappointing?

“They Have Waited.”

This is where I put on my tinfoil Xeno-factioned hat and start pulling theories out of the Warp itself.

  • Necrons sure are renowned for waiting. They’ve waited millennia to wake up and start wreaking havoc. Maybe the time has come for them to bring some paint to an life-riddled galaxy?
  • Orks sure have been kinda quiet since the Dark Imperium shenanigans all started kicking off. Bar some mentions in the odd codex about them getting stuck in with Tyranids, I think, it’s about time the galaxy saw a little more green and for once I’m not referring to Death Guard!
  • A new race/faction?! Now even I think this is a little crazy. Still, I’d not moan if suddenly a swarm of Lizard-folk or Old Ones made themselves known in the galaxy and started tearing everyone a new one.

“They Are Coming.”

At least we won’t have to wait long. This post went live yesterday so we’ll likely be hearing (and hopefully seeing) more throughout the day and the Open Day within Warhammer World. We’ll be updating this article throughout the day with various 40K updates.

Stay tuned, fans of all things dark and war-filled. It should be a fun day for us all!

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