The Elsoe-Varo releases

New from Gydran Miniatures, the Elsoe-Varo set is a multi-part kit. Cast in both Pewter,white metal and resin.

The core set includes 5 miniatures to be fielded as one squad or even as a skirmish force in their own right.

The Elsoe-Varo set is a reasonably flexible kit, although not as much as some kits as the bodies are all one piece. You still have a choice of heads and weapons with some spare left over. I will be making mine up to play Rouge Stars. Although the models are sized so that they could fit in with most other ranges with out being to far out in size.

The main bodies are resin with standard heads to match with alternate heads being cast in metal. Although not all the joins are great they do fit together quickly and easily. With a small dab off green stuff you wouldn’t know where the joins are. In the kit you get enough for a leader, specialist and three troopers. There is not a huge amount of possibility without starting to hack at the models but the arms are all slightly different positions so you can have a bit of variety. My personal favourite is the gunslinger. I am going to have to look at getting him a nice new scenic base.

The ease that the kits go together is surprisingly easy. With only a slight amount of cleaning to get them ready for assembly.

Mine are currently built and waiting for a break in the weather or the shed heater to start working to I can get them primed and painted.

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