Wild West Exodus: Gunfight at Red Oak

Warcradle have released the new version of WWX, the new starter Gunfight at Red Oak is available now.

The new starter set contains everything you need to get started for two players, in an incredibly small box. Inside you get all the rules cards and counters needed. As well as 5 Lawmen and 5 Outlaw miniatures. Each faction gets a Boss, Face two support units and a hand unit. This forms a fairly decent core force to expand from. The forces although identical in numbers and model types are very different in point costs. The Lawman comes in at 650 points ands the Outlaws 545 points. While this may seem like a lot its not going to be long before the forces are expanded and the points difference is left miles behind.

Gunfight at Red Oak is primarily an introduction set so you can get used to the rules and play the game. Priced at £35 it comes in at the cheaper end for starter sets, especially miniatures games. But doesn’t miss anything out for two players.

The models are very detailed and the Boss and Face charactors are really good looking. The rest are very detailed but do lack a bit of the dynamic look of the main charactors. In the box you get Wyatt Earp facing off against Jessie James, two real life legendary figures translated in to this alternative version of the Wild Wild West. Although fairly simple to build you will need to look on the website to get the instructions for building each model.

Warcradle are not resting on there laurels with new releases almost every month so the meta is unlikely to stale any time soon.

The new rule book is really nicely laid out, and has a bit of fluff in it, and some decent background material on the factions. The rules are well written are easy to follow and more accessible compared to some games.

A really stand out point about the new version is the action cards which you draw to find out how many actions you get in your current turn, This adds a nice touch of unpredictability to the whole game, and could if your not careful upset your meticulously prepared plan. Coupled with the action cards is another new mechanic for WWX. Adventure cards these cards can be used from a players hand to perform whatever effect the card describes. To you give you an example destroying an opponents hand unit gives you +1VP reward.

All in for its price Gunfight at Red Oak is a steal. Granted it would have been nice to have a few more models in the starter set, but this would have put the price up, which is a massively good point for this game. I played it on the trailblazers tour with some of the guys from Warcradle and it was a great laugh, and drew a fair number of people to try it out.

At the moment I am waiting for a break in the weather to get the last pieces undercoated and then I will be filming some batreps and tutorials, as the way things stand this could be a break out game for 2018.

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