Warhammer 40,000 Battle Journal

New from Games Workshop is Battle Journals, currently it comes in two flavours: Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar. These journals are intended to be a games diary, recording all your battles and glorious wins for the Empire for eternity.

The Battle Journal is really nicely put together and has a nice quality feel to it. With 200 pages its going to be a while before you have to replace it, unless you lose it. You can use the journal for casual games but also for recording tournaments. On each sheet there is space for your opponents name, faction and warlord, as well as your own faction and warlord. As well as that you also have space for the name of the mission the event name and the game number. A large blank area for making notes takes up much of the page but there are a few more bits at the bottom of the page.

Command points can be tracked on the page as well as the Victory points at the end of each turn as well as the end results of the game. Unfortunately there is nowhere other than the notes section to record what forces you or your opponent took. Now I know I can get the battle organisation charts from online but would have been nice to have them both together in one place. You could put it in the notes but that probably wouldn’t leave a lot off room for much else. Also there is no places for game size which seem slightly odd considering it seems designed for people who play a lot.

On Games Workshops website the RRP is listed at £15 which seems vastly over priced for what you get. One member of the team commented that its an awfully expensive notepad. While I am inclined to agree its a very nice touch, although I think Shadespire and Necromunda might have been a better starting point.

I think with a few modifications this could have been an essential purchases if it was closer to the £10 mark but as it stands its more akin to the luxury items purchases such as the limited edition codex releases.

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