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Guild Ball, Dark Souls and Resident Evil 2 studio Steamforged has announced its latest project. An ambitious-sounding ‘legacy miniature game’ called Godtear.

Godtear is described as a narrative driven game involving two teams of champions fighting to become gods. There’s an ongoing story in the background of each encounter. Each character having distinct aspirations and being able to improve their stats and abilities over the course of the campaign.

Alongside the champions will be groups of smaller followers or minions of various strengths. Unlike Guild Ball’s teams, Godtear is described as being ‘faction-free’. This will allow players to freely mix characters from the different high fantasy races and clans in a single team.

The game uses a similar set of the rules seen in Guild Ball, employing a hex grid-based system rather than free-form movement for faster play. Although set to be like guild ball they will probably be modified and stream lined somewhat.

Combat is resolved by rolling custom dice for hits and damage, with the game’s champions able to chain together attacks and abilities. A minotaur might be able to whip another character to the edge of the board or into another charactor.

Victory points are gained by killing enemies and achieving objectives, including claiming Godtear hexes with flags, which can attacked by opponents before the end of the turn to reverse the points gain.

A standard Godtear match takes place on a 30- by 40-inch play area and features three champions on either side.

Steamforged has said that the game will launch with a two-player starter set. Each set will provide two champions for each team to be used on a half-size board. So you’ll need to pick up two copies, or expansions for a full game.

Godtear is described as being a ‘legacy miniature game’. Although what or how legacy-style mechanics will play into the gameplay and story is yet to be disclosed.

We’ll almost certainly find out more at the beginning of next year, as Steamforged plans to launch the game through a limited Early Access programme on January 29th before bringing it to Kickstarter.

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