Shots fired for D-Day Dice 2nd Edition

D-Day Dice was of the most successfull Kickstarter game, before Kickstarter became the social norm. After several years of being out of print the new owners Word Forged Games are going back to where it all started back in 2011. That’s right D-Day Dice 2nd edition is back on Kickstarter.

I’m sure you are all aware of the overtures of the 11th November. Armistice Day, not sure if I agree with the timing but one thing is for certain its definitely iconic. Word Forged Games are hoping to take the original D-Day Dice experience polish it, preen it and expand it. This would be through stretch goals and I would imagine add-ons during the campaign.

In the Box

The demo set landed on my desk this morning, now unfortunately its not a production demo. Its a very early doors version namely pre-beta so in some of the pictures you wont see the exact contents. For example the dice are standard D6 instead of the unique dice that will feature in the game. Now one thing I can say as I have some other Word Forged products waiting to be given the TTGUK treatment. These guys can do components to a good standard so expect the finished article to be much better looking.

This image is taken from the kickstarter page and show the contents of the box. Everything there looks much better than the preview version I saw for a start there are proper dashboards for each player instead of the sheets of paper I used to die several times over play the game. The Red White and Blue dice look superb and with each player having a ‘cheat sheet’ these are a great mechanic to add to the game that really adds a sense of randomness to the game. The kickstarter also includes a War Stories expansion which as well as a bunch of new stuff also allows for a fifth player. To be honest the guys from Word Forge games could add 10 new players I’d still get gunned down.

Aim of the game

You, and up to four other players, start the game with a unit each of just a few soldiers. Each turn you and all the players play simultaneously completing each phase of the turn at the same time. So while playing D-Day Dice there is very little down time for players. You have to get your units from the sea up to the beach and take out a bunker. If one unit dies you all die, so co-operation is the key to victory. You can’t throw your mate under the bus because he beat you at Monopoly last Christmas. The Dice mechanic is a nice risk vs reward gamble as it can lead to loads of extra resources or absolutely nothing. You need to use these resources to strategically move up the board before entering he bunker and winning the game.

The game is very easy to understand and play once you have bliundered through a few turns of missing things. The bits you miss will invariably cost you the win. Once you have the basics nailed down it actually plays really well and really quickly.

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