Necromunda – The Scavvies are back in town.


Welcome back hive scum it has been a long time but it is once again that time to dive into the sump and get down and dirty with the hive gangers, its Necromunda time….

Over the years I have played a lot of Necromunda and have fond memories of bursting open that original box. Seeing those drop dead gorgeous models and terrain for the first time. Sadly that was the past and that box is long gone, possibly seized by the ex-wife or just lost to time.  But its back and it is so pretty, much prettier than Mad Donna but don’t tell her that.

Starting with the box it’s a pretty hefty one with some good weight to it which let’s be honest means to us gamers it’s going to be good. The artwork is excellent as it usually is with a product release from the Games Workshop.

Before bursting the seal I gave the box a quick once over to ensure those sneaky Delaque hadn’t set any traps for me. You cannot trust those bald guys, it’s the sunglasses.  After a quick inspection I was left with the problem do I surgically open the wrapper like a Van Saar or do I rip that bad boy open like a starving Skavvie? Stupid question really I am a gamer with shiny thing syndrome that wrapper never stood a chance.  Opening the box I get that wonderful new game smell. I am greeted by the site of quality paper and plastic and thankfully no run off from the sump.



Looking at the sprues first you can see that GW has continued to knock it out of the pit=fighters arena. The quality of the sculpts is amazing. I would like to have put pictures of the new models against the old models. As I haven’t built the models yet you will have to settle for a picture of the sprue next to a 37mm shell casing. I shall post some images soon on our facebook page.




Delving deeper into the depths of the Necromunda box you find the rule books and other reading material. They are bursting at the sump with amazing images giving splendid panoramic images of the beauty spots of the Hive. I have inspected the books fully to ensure that for pin up images of Mad Donna and can confirm that there are no such images.



Further digging into the box reveals the gaming board and the rest of the cardstock. Now everyone is already aware that the game is played on a board and not the high ledges and gantries of the Hive.  This may be true for the boxed game. But the accompanying book Gang War contains all the rules for playing in full glory of the hive. Let’s be honest here all gangers start out in the sump as juves.



Finally we have the last of the bits and pieces that Workshop supply with their games. As well as the ubiquitous fighting sticks (politically correct versions with no hard edges), sorry the measuring implements.



You also have to love it when your black market armourer knows you well. So well in fact, that they order you a gang wars book when you forgot to preorder it.




Well that’s an unboxing of the game, simple really nothing complicated because we all know that Goliaths cannot do complicated.  All that is left to say is grab your gun kid and I will see you in the underhive…..

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